How Much Does an Appointment Setting Service Cost?

Outsourcing appointment setting services for your business is the perfect decision that holds immense benefits for your business in the long run. By Leveraging outsourcing appointment services, you can spare most of your time and focus on core business areas and operations. It also assists you in engaging high-quality prospects with real sales representatives instead of robotic engagements. 

Appointment setting services costs vary with respect to the company size, its scale of operations, industry, and the value of the leads. Normally, appointment setting services follow two different price structures: appointment setting pay per appointment or per lead. Some appointment setting agencies also offer a monthly retainer price plan.

What is an appointment setting service and what do they do

An appointment setting service is an external service provider or company that contacts your business with the right prospects in your niche. The process involves setting up meetings with potential customers and giving your sales team a leading edge over your rivals by reducing the time to conversion.

Appointment setting services or agencies are known to provide services from enterprise-grade organizations to SMBs. They arrange and schedule direct meetings with potential customers. In the business domain, nothing serves your interest best than closing a deal by engaging the right prospects. Appointment setting services ensure that you will meet with the hottest prospects in your niche.

In this blog post, we will discuss how much it costs to outsource appointment settings, what pricing models are, and which model can be efficient for your business.

How much does an appointment setting service cost? 

Pricing summary 

Appointment setting pay per appointment costs around $50 to $100, and with a pay per hour plan, appointment setting costs around $25 to $50.

An appointment setting agency generally charges by the hour or by appointment. Some of these services charge you once they get a pre decided the number of appointments on your behalf. Some other charges include setup fees and other costs for crafting an impactful strategy, laying out scripts, and other important determinants of your overall outbound campaign.

B2B appointment setting pay per appointment costs more than B2C appointment costs as it will be utilizing more expensive resources and complex strategies. It also requires more time to acquire a decent list of hot business clients to contact for your SDRs.

Average appointment setting service cost 

Pay per appointment lead generation for B2B business costs around $15 per appointment in case of highly negotiable and established services but might cost you over $800 depending on your business complexity and niche. Normally, b2b appointment setting pay per appointment costs $50 to $100 per appointment. The appointment setter costs $30 to $50 per hour with the hourly pricing model for B2B leads. B2B appointment setting services pricing also includes setup fees of around $300 to $700 depending on your business scale and complexity of the campaign.

What are the benefits of using an appointment setting service?

You can avail the following benefits by outsourcing appointment setting to team of experts.

Saves Time and Budget Cost

The amount of expenditure you invest while hiring and training an in-house outbound marketing team is overwhelming. Other additions to the expenses include equipment costs and office space you need to keep the process going. You save this extra expenditure by outsourcing an appointment setting service.

Increases Sales and ROI 

Appointment setting services ensure that your leads are from prospects who match your buyer persona and have high potential to become a customer. It improves the over ROI of all your outbound efforts and lead generation campaigns by engaging the right prospect at the right time.

Better Productivity

Appointment setting services also let you determine and evaluate the different KPIs of your sales team. It further helps you modify your sales strategy to improve key areas and boost productivity.

You can Focus on the Big Picture 

Cold calling and filtering high-value prospects are vital aspects of gaining fresh and qualified leads, but your core business is of utmost importance and worth your time and effort. Similarly, your sales team may be outstanding in locking deals but getting prospects to the table is not something your team is good at or prefer to do. By leveraging B2B appointment setting services, your team can focus on core business areas and details with the utmost attention.

Maintain good relationships & reviews 

Even though you do not share the mutual working space with the appointment setters, the outsourced service that deals with your appointment setting is equally important. By outsourcing from an experienced & skilled appointment setting service having strong soft skills, you can keep your prospects excited about your services or products. It further helps you to nurture your leads, improve your brand authority and helps maintain good relationships with clients.

Tips for getting the most out of your appointment setting service

1. B2B appointment setting services pricing varies greatly depending on the scale of your business, the complexity of the campaign, and what services are included in the offer. Some B2B appointment setting services offer customized costing models depending on what kind of services you asked for. It means no matter how overwhelming pay per appointment setting costs might appear at first peek, they can be much more budget-friendly than expected in the bigger perspective.

2. Normally, appointment setting pay per appointment or per hour are two types of pricing models offered by most services. It’s recommended to negotiate the price structure depending on your budget and what type of model serves you best.

3. Some appointment setting services also offer a monthly retainer price plan. B2B appointment setters will look for variables and parameters before offering the final price. Some of these variables include the size of your target market and your niche.

4. It’s important to go through the contract carefully before finalizing your decision and ask all necessary questions before opting for an appointment setter. A journey doesn’t end here. At the end of the day, professionalism leads to the success of your overall outbound lead generation strategies.

5. An ideal appointment setting service offers an impactful B2B lead generation strategy and effective lead generation funnel to gather, validate, and organize data. Ensure to get a rich how-know of what the service includes & what is expected for your business in the long run.

6. Once you opt for an appointment setting service, you should regularly arrange meetings to discuss the main objective of your business & campaign, the effort it requires to attain that objective, which areas need improvement, and how you can revamp your sales & lead generation strategy. If you’re not satisfied with their service, be sure to speak up and renegotiate or switch to any other company.


Now you have a clear understanding of determining the right appointment setting service and opt for the right appointment setting price model that best suits your budget. Choose ScaleYourBiz to get qualified leads and win fruitful appointments using our lead generation appointment setting services.

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