Industries That Pay The Most For Leads

Lead generation involves identifying and attracting new prospects. Lead generation is an impactful strategy for SMBs as well as enterprise-grade organizations to shape their marketing approach and improve their ROI.

There is increasing competition in generating quality leads among businesses of all sizes. With a range of challenges and opportunities for your business, you can capitalize using effective lead generation strategies. For instance, consider the following stats:

  • Around 60% of experts consider lead generation as the utmost challenge for their business
  • More than 50% of marketers invest half of their budget to sustain lead generation costs
  • 80% of lead gen specialists consider marketing automation instrumental in reducing the average cost per lead and boosting conversion rates
  • Around 80% of your leads won’t ever convert to sales
  • The average cost per lead B2B ranges from $30 to $65 in 2022
  • 60% of lead gen specialists consider SEO as the most effective lead generation strategy
  • A Lead nurturing strategy allows B2B businesses to produce 50% more revenue at a 30% lower average cost per lead
  • If you nurture your prospects throughout their sales their journey they are more likely to spend 50% more compared to the rest

There are a number of industries that pay top dollar for leads. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most lucrative industries out there and what you can expect to earn for each lead.

How to Calculate Cost Per Lead?

cost per lead by industry

Calculating the Cost Per Lead means aggregating the overall marketing expenditure invested in acquiring a single lead for any business of any niche or industry. CPL can be calculated as a ratio of your total marketing expenditure divided by the total number of acquired leads for a specific business or campaign. Depending upon the industry or campaign, CPL can be further categorized as cost per lead by industry or by channel, respectively.

For instance, consider you have invested $500 on Google Ads and ended up converting 20 prospects into qualified leads, your cost per Lead will be: $500/20 = $25.

Keep in mind that generating leads is all about retrieving the best value for all your marketing expenditure in terms of different marketing efforts. The average cost per lead depends on your industry or niche, lead generation channel, the scale of your business, and your ROI.

CPL is an insightful but highly dynamic KPI as it varies greatly by acquisition cost. For instance, some inbound marketing campaigns offer hot leads – potential customers who are more likely to buy from your brand. Whereas some outbound marketing approaches provide poor quality leads with relatively less effort and time compared to inbound methodologies. Inbound vs outbound lead generation can be sometimes confusing to differentiate. 

Another significant way to evaluate CPL is to calculate lead generation costs separately for paid and organic lead generation strategies. It further helps you in sparing your budget by adapting the right approach that ensures a better conversion rate with minimum cost.

Average Cost Per Lead by Industry

average cost per lead

Industry is a key factor in determining the average cost per lead (CPL). Some industries are more expensive to market to than others, and the competition for leads can also drive up costs. Going through data showcasing the average cost per lead can help you evaluate your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can identify if you are investing more than required for your business and optimize your lead generation campaigns accordingly. The table below shows the average cost per lead by industry in 2022.


Average CPL (Paid)

B2B SaaS


Legal Services






Financial Services


Business Services


IT and Managed Services


Travel and Tourism


Consumer Products


Industrial and Manufacturing


Media and Publishing

Higher Education





Why Is Lead Generation an Effective Strategy for B2B to Increase Revenue?

The answer is simple: lead generation is an effective way to increase revenue for B2B businesses.

Lead generation is vital for any modern business because without leads, there will be no customers, and eventually, zero revenue.

Obviously, all businesses have different milestones and objectives, but a large portion of these goals is linked with lead generation. When crafted well, an impactful lead generation helps you in turning your website visitors into paying customers. If you nurture your prospects and give them a promising after-sales experience, you can have an opportunity to turn them into your brand ambassadors. There is a better opportunity than word-of-mouth marketing.

Lead generation is important because it addresses the pain points of your prospects, strengthens brand identity, and wins loyal customers.

Once you’re able to resolve the conflicts of your prospects and lead them to the right landing page, you’ll continue to generate hot leads for your business. Once you get enough leads in your lead generation funnel, it becomes easier to optimize your different marketing campaigns and boost ROI by reducing lead generation costs.

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 So, what are the industries that pay the most for leads? The answer may surprise you. It’s not just technology and health care companies that are shelling out big bucks for high-quality leads. In fact, a number of different types of businesses are willing to pay top dollar for leads that have been qualified and vetted.

Setting up a promising and fruitful business requires patience. Improving your brand awareness campaigns, setting up the right SEO and content marketing strategy to generate leads, automating your email marketing efforts, and a range of other lead gen tasks demand a notable amount of time and effort. Apart from monetary investment, you need to invest your time and efforts to produce promising results. Especially, when it comes to setting up your lead generation campaign.

Choose the right marketing strategy to nurture your leads. And, if you want to boost your ROI, you need to revamp your marketing efforts to reduce your average cost per lead and strengthen the bottom line of your business. If all this sounds too overwhelming, let us generate leads for you. Our lead generation service can skyrocket your online presence with expertly designed funnels and conversion-focused campaigns. As a lead generation marketing agency, we specialize in creating fully integrated lead generation brands, funnels, and offers. Our ability to work with a wide range of niches and sectors is unparalleled.

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