Best B2B Business Directories For Lead Generation

All business owners and lead generation specialists acknowledge the potential of social proof when it comes to lead generation. It not only allows you to boost your demand generation campaigns for your brand but also become a vocal medium to generate demand for your particular product or service.

Therefore, B2B listings in the relevant niche using the right lead generation directories play a vital role in your business success. It also helps you focus more on platforms where most of your prospects finalize their purchase decisions. Best B2B business directories are where B2B internet users start their competitor research to explore brands having the most positive feedback and reviews.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best B2B business directories that ensure brand awareness and lead generation for your business.

What is a B2B directory?

B2B business directories like Yellow Pages and Merchant Circle serve as potential sources to help you generate hot B2B leads for your company. These lead generation directories help business to find their clients and convert them into B2B leads depending on different industries or niches. Lead generation directories enable you to generate high-quality B2B leads, email subscriber lists, cold call lists, etc.

List of Top 15 B2B Directories For Lead Generation

Below are some best B2B directories where you can list your B2B business and generate high-quality B2B leads for your business.

1. Yelp

It’s one of the best local lead generation directories for businesses in the US. It is best suitable for SMBs like real estate businesses, legal services, automobile vendors, insurance services, etc.

2. Yellow Pages

It’s the most renowned lead generation directory with an overwhelming database of US-based SMBs. It is estimated that over 65 million users visit Yello Pages per month. It serves the purpose of businesses or startups looking for local lead generation directories.

3. CitySquares

It’s another one of the best B2B directories serving for over a decade. It allows your business to get exposure to a wide range of niches.

4. Yellow Pages Directory 

Its name resembles that of Yellow Pages but is a different and recognized source for various SMBs based in the US. It offers filters based on different states and industries.

5. Angi

This lead generation directory is centric on domestic services. If your targeted market segment is linked with the services like lawn care, HVAC, furniture, etc this is where you can generate more leads by engaging the right set of audiences.


Another one of the best B2B directories for local lead generation is This local lead generation directory has a slightly complex outlook, but it doesn’t matter if you can create a massive lead list for your local business.

7. USCity

This is another lead generation directory available for US businesses. It offers search results along with the geolocation of businesses on Google Maps. if you are looking for local lead generation directories, opt for USCity.

8. Fave

This local lead generation directory also displays the geolocation of Google Maps. It serves as an alternative to the aforementioned USCity B2B business directory.

9. Merchant Circle

This is one of the best local lead generation directories for local services or suppliers. The highlighting feature of this B2B business directory is that it also supports solopreneurs and self-employed individuals.

Price = $9 Monthly  

10. Kompass

This massive and one of the best B2B directories offers exposure to the global business and is a perfect place for enterprise-scale companies. If your target audience is enterprise-grade organizations, opt for Kompass to explore a wider market segment.

11. Superpages

It’s a more generic source of B2B leads for businesses who are targeting SMBs, local markets, as well as enterprises. It’s the perfect medium for cold calling as it displays contact numbers in prominent fonts and dominating font sizes.

12. MyHuckleberry

It allows you to mark listings for your products or services. It’s indeed a vital platform to target leads who are looking for suppliers or services selling particular products or services.

13. Combo Directory USA

This is another lead generation directory to generate B2B leads for startups or SMBs. It offers a user-friendly interface to navigate different industries and market segments.

14. Insider Pages

It’s a local lead generation directory for startups and SMBs based in the states. The factor that outshines this directory is that it allows you to discover whether a particular business is still operational or turned down.

15. City Data

This massive B2B directory also offers a geolocation feature. The only disadvantage of using this local lead generation directory is it provides data for very selective niches like food businesses or education services.

How To Optimize Your Local Business Listings 

1. Provide Correct Information – NAP

You are listing your business for better engagements, lead generation, and conversion. Therefore, listing the correct NAP information is of utmost importance.  NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. You cannot afford to state the wrong contact info or business name on your B2B listing and end up draining your leads to nowhere. 

2. Select the Most Suitable Category for your Business or Service

Refrain from listing your business in the wrong category or your target audience will fail to discover your listing. Opt for the most suitable option for your industry, business, products, or services. If you don’t find a suitable category choose “Others” and state your industry or niche underneath in the text box provided by most lead generation directories.

3. Link To Your Website 

Basically, you are approaching the two goals with your business listings. One is lead generation and another is to improve the SEO ranking of your site. Adding a link to your website is crucial in both aspects.

4. Add Your Business or Services Description

Add additional information that is deemed important about your businesses and the solutions you are offering. It will help your target audience understand your business and make the right decision. It will also help you maintain a credible image for your business on B2B business directories.

5. Add Related images to Improve Listings

If you have an option to upload images, don’t refrain from doing so. Add relevant and clear images to improve your listings. You can choose images that tell about your brand, product, services, story, or industry.  

6. Publish News and Announcements

Some directories allow you to publish news and announcements. You can share news about your upcoming products, new features in your service product, or industry-specific news. It will further help you build a reputable brand image. 


B2B lead generation is all about acquiring the skyrocketing ROI by adapting the most budget-friendly marketing efforts. You can spare most of your time, effort, and budget by opting for these B2B directories that can help you rank higher in search engine results and generate hot B2B leads for your business.

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