Best B2B Lead Generation Companies, Agencies & Services

Best B2B Lead Generation Companies

B2B lead generation companies are important for a number of reasons. First, they can help you reach a larger audience of potential customers. Secondly, they can help you filter leads so that you only contact those who are likely to be interested in your products or services. Finally, B2B lead generation companies can help you save time and money by providing you with leads that are already interested in what you have to offer.

Finding the right B2B lead generation agency is a daunting activity. The market is full of inexperienced outsourced lead generation companies with engaging websites that fail to deliver promising results.

How can you find a top B2B lead generation company that possesses the significant experience to generate hot leads for your business and improve its ROI?

In this blog post, we will discuss the criteria for choosing the top B2B sales lead generation company along with some remarkable players in this domain.

Let’s get started.

What is a Lead Generation Business?

What is a Lead Generation Business

A B2B lead generation service or demand generation company is the one that sells high potential sales leads to clients. Fundamentally, outsourced lead generation companies serve as a bridge between clients and their ideal prospects. These ideal prospects or customers are the one that significantly matches the buyer persona of their clients. Lead generation accounts for at least half of a marketer’s expenditure, according to 53% of marketers.

SMBs and enterprise-grade organizations leverage B2B lead generation services to spare their valuable time and resources for other core business activities. On their part, lead generation firms handle all the key responsibilities to ensure a consistent flow of hot leads.

They offer the right skill set and expertise to B2B businesses to generate qualified leads and unleash the true potential of the client’s business. Their primary objective is to boost the ROI of clients’ businesses. Top-rated lead generation companies like ScaleYourBiz have rich experience in boosting sales and skilled lead gen experts to deploy effective lead gen strategies.

How Does Lead Generation Agency Work?

Outsourced lead generation companies start by performing an in-depth analysis of your business and every single aspect that drives B2B sales. Then, they develop a comprehensive buyer persona and B2B sales funnel based on your target market and audience. The next step is to suggest and implement one of the most appropriate and effective lead generations strategies. These strategies involve:

All B2B lead generation agencies offer different types of services from lead qualification to appointment scheduling. Most of them offer all the necessary services to generate qualified leads including brand awareness, lead nurturing, cold calling, closing the deals, and other inbound or outbound marketing practices.

Things You Must Consider Before Opting for Lead Generation Agency

Before finalizing your decision for a lead generation agency, there are some crucial aspects you must consider to make an informed and rational decision. 

For instance:

  • What is your niche and target audience? Not every lead generation agency holds the absolute experience to handle all niches.
  • What is their costing model? If their costing model is sustainable for SMBs or big fishes in the pool.
  • At which platform do your ideal prospects spend most of their time? Consider a B2C company with most of its audience existing on Facebook and Instagram. Acquiring the services of a B2B lead generation firm that only runs campaigns on LinkedIn will be a loss of time, effort, and money. 
  • Read testimonials and customer reviews. Take their feedback seriously to know if the company you are going to choose can serve your expectations well.
  • Keep in mind that anyone can resource a good content producer and website developer to showcase their image as an expert. It’s always recommended to acknowledge some fundamental marketing illusions to refrain from making a wrong choice.
  • If you contact their customer service representative and find them in a hurry to lock the deal without discussing your business in detail. Move to the next one!

Top B2B Lead Gen Companies and their USPs


1. ScaleYourBiz

Top B2B Lead Generation Company - ScaleYourBiz

ScaleYourBiz is an expert in ensuring a full-scale lead generation funnel with effective brand awareness, lead generation, and lead nurture strategies. With a rich and diverse experience in working with a range of different niches and industries, ScaleYourBiz is undoubtedly an industry leader and trendsetter for all the big fishes in this pool.

ScaleYourBiz is capable of generating and nurturing high potential leads as well as re-engaging and retaining them for long periods of time.

Their rich experience in the sales lead generation domain includes:

With data-driven practices, in-depth demographic research, and competitor analysis allow them to determine and implement promising strategies. Based on daily updates and findings, ScaleYourBiz keeps optimizing its lead generation strategies for a better ROI and high conversion rates.

So far, ScaleYourBiz has a track record of generating $40,000,000 in sales for its diverse client base belonging to different industries and niches.


B2B Lead Generation Agency - LeadCookie

This is another one of the best B2B lead aggregator companies with their prime focus on email marketing and LinkedIn lead generation. Its USP is that it hooks qualified prospects manually instead of completely relying on automation tools. It means all of their leads are cross-checked manually to ensure that you get to invest your time and resources in the right prospect.  

Their manual lead qualification strategy ensures that the prospects they are going to target are more likely to become customers. Apart from that, Lead Cookie only suggests and implements strategies they are sure to capitalize on. If they slightly feel that any particular methodology won’t produce any fruitful results or may result in poor ROI, they discard it right away.


B2B Lead Generation Firm - Sapper Consulting

Another big player in this domain is Sapper Consulting. It offers reliable and proven practices to generate B2B leads for your organization, resulting in engaging communication between clients and potential customers. Irrespective of the scale of business, Sapper is geared towards scheduling meetings on a monthly basis with your prospects to spare your time from cold calling.


top b2b lead generation company - Belkins

Another notable B2B lead aggregator company on the list is Belkins. It handles and strengthens all the key areas at the top of your lead generation funnel. It offers lead generation, appointment setting, and email marketing via its AI-driven tool along with LinkedIn B2B sales lead generation.

Their team is composed of skilled B2B lead generation experts, digital marketers, and content writers.

​​Belkin has already scheduled 200,333 meetings, with the number steadily increasing. The company creates customized lists with target leads for each client using Belkins’ data processing approach. Mole Street, Knovio, Cemtrex, Born & Bred, and Dgeneration have all collaborated with them.


B2B Lead Generation Agency - Cience

CIENCE has been trusted by 2,000 companies to create qualified leads and increase sales engagement. CIENCE has refined tech-enabled services after running tens of thousands of outbound campaigns.

To begin sales dialogues with your next, best customers, the company use AI-assisted research, multi-channel outreach, and our proprietary software platform.

It offers cold calling, email marketing, and brand awareness to hook quality leads for your business. The only thing left for you is to take charge of these sales-qualified leads and convert them into profits.

CIENCE offers services for SMBs and enterprise-grade organizations.


B2B Lead Generation Services - SalesPro Leads

A factor that allows SalesPro Leads to outstand its competition is its experience and skill set in generating hot leads for the more complex tech industry.

SalesPro Leads offers cold calling and other inbound marketing approaches to ensure promising results and nurtures prospects belonging to a tech domain. Their primary objective is to provide consultancy to B2B tech buyers and push them down the sales funnel.


B2B Lead Generation Agency - Striventa

It is an inbound marketing and SEO lead generation firm that evaluates and cross-examine your marketing and sales channels to suggest reforms and fruitful solutions. It offers a complimentary HubSpot CRM utility to keep a record of your prospects and generate leads for your business. It bases a comprehensive marketing strategy depending on your target niche.


B2B Lead Generation Agency - VSynergize Outsourcing 

VSynergize aims at long-term engagements by offering effective and aligned sales and marketing strategies, tools, & methodologies to hook and nurture your prospects. Among all its practical approaches, one of its notable strategies is to leverage “intent data” to boost ROI. It specializes in demand generation & lead generation.


B2B Lead Generation Firm - Callbox

Callbox serves as a remote lead generation team for your business by offering ABM (Account-based marketing), lead gen, appointment scheduling, and different tactics for skyrocketing your ROI. It aligns all these proven methodologies in close synchronization to hook and nurture your potential customers.

It utilizes email marketing, social media, webinars sessions, and revamps your brand site to engage your prospects effectively.


B2B Lead Generation Agency - OutboundView 

By collaborating with OutboundView, you leverage two fundamental approaches:

1) Gear your sales representative with the right utilities, practices, and experience

2) Leave all your burden to their skilled and experienced team to hook and nurture leads, set appointments, or acquire data for fruitful insights. 

It also offers tools that help you acknowledge buyer intent and re-engage abandoned customers.


B2B Lead Generation Agency - LEADROOT

The last player in this list leverages human resources in parallel with technology to generate leads for clients. Its prime focus is two key areas:

1) Finding the right leads

2) Appointment settings

By leveraging high-end technology and utilities, Leadroot attracts and engages high potential leads and uses the human resource for further communication and scheduling appointments. Leadroot can be well explained as a support for your sales department.


Leveraging top-rated B2B Lead generation companies is one of the most effective ways to generate hot leads for your B2B business in a seamless fashion.

Amidst too much market saturation, it is a bit difficult to land yourself the right B2B lead generation agency. Keep in mind that your business ceases to grow if the leads you acquire are of poor quality and fail to match your buyer persona. Therefore, always look forward to outsourcing lead generation to a expert company with proven experience and a satisfied client base in your niche. Go through their customer reviews and never feel shy from asking for case studies of their successful projects in your industry.

If you’re looking for help with lead generation, ScaleYourBiz can definitely assist you. We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to run successful lead generation campaigns and get your business noticed. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and budget, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

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