Facebook Lead Generation Strategy – More Leads & Conversions

Facebook Lead Generation Strategy

With over 3 billion monthly users around the globe, Facebook is leading the social networking domain and keeps expanding its customer base with the passage of time. Due to the significant number of active users of the platform, businesses consider it a golden opportunity to hook leads and close deals by leveraging Facebook for lead generation.

Every business has its unique challenges and opportunities. Therefore, it requires a unique and targeted approach to generate leads using Facebook. By jumping on a bandwagon to follow what everyone else is adapting, you may end up failing your Facebook lead generation strategy. Everything that works out for others doesn’t necessarily produce results for your business.

In order to engage hot leads on Facebook, you need to know some of the best methodologies to craft an impactful DIY Facebook lead generation strategy for your business. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some practical strategies and tips about how to generate leads on Facebook for free and using Facebook Ads lead gen model. Let’s discuss some of these actionable and proven Facebook lead generation strategies to scale your ROI and ensure promising business growth.

3 Facebook Lead Generation Strategy That Should Work Effectively

Are you looking for more leads? If so, consider using Facebook lead generation ads. With this strategy, you can target potential customers with ads that encourage them to sign up for your product or service.

Here’s how it works:

1. Building a Facebook Lead Generation Strategy That Is Unique to Your Business

Amid a wide range of Facebook lead generation strategies, it’s difficult to filter the one that serves your business goals effectively. One of the biggest blunders you can ever commit is to adopt someone else’s lead generation strategy. What works best for others, doesn’t necessarily produce results for your business due to different niches and audiences.

You have to craft a strategy that aligns with your unique business model, targeted audience, niche, and products or services. Instead of blindly following others, try to follow a roadmap and rethink your prospect’s journey with your business. Ensure an engaging CX that your prospects need to turn into loyal and long-term customers.

Before settling down for your lead generation strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does it relate to my audience’s interests & priorities? 
  2. Is my lead magnet effective and relevant enough to hook the hot leads in my niche?
  3. How can I convert my visitors into long-term and satisfied customers?

Your strategy should be persuasive enough to turn prospects into paying customers. You need to understand their pain points and convert them by showcasing your products or services as the most effective solution to their problems.

It is recommended to interview some of your prospects that match your buyer persona. This knowledge will let you revamp your buyer persona and craft a more accurate and practical lead generation strategy for your business.

2: Solving Business Problems by Incorporating an Effective Lead Nurturing Process

If you’re a B2B business, identify if your ideal client is an SMB or enterprise-grade organization. Determine how much time they are willing to invest in their buyer journey. Evaluate if you can assist them in solving their pain points with your lead nurture process.

On the other hand, if you’re a B2C business, you need to leverage some additional aspects of your prospects to strengthen trust through an effective lead nurturing strategy. You can offer them valuable content in different formats like podcasts, webinar sessions, customer case studies, eBooks, product purchase guides, how guides, and other forms of informative content. This is how you can incorporate an effective demand generation strategy at the beginning of your lead generation process to cast a persuasive first impression. Remember, there’s a clear difference between demand generation and lead generation

Another aspect to consider is how much lead nurturing efforts you need to put in order to nurture and qualify your leads to make them sales-ready. The number of steps in your lead generation strategy is driven by the extent of lead nurturing you need to perform on your leads.

For instance, if you’re offering an expensive SaaS product, your prospects require a lot of nurturing efforts before turning into customers. They prefer to watch tutorial videos, read customer case studies, want to know about different price plans, etc. But if you’re selling budget-friendly and simple-to-use items like smartwatches or camera rigs under 200USD, your prospects won’t require huge nurturing efforts to become a customer.

It’s vital to aim at the CX you’re going to offer as it will lay the foundation for your business success and growth. Without offering value to the prospects in exchange for their money, your every effort would become irrelevant and ineffective.

3. Targeting Warm Audience With Facebook Ads

If you’re getting a lot of visitors to the business site or have prospects engaging with your video content and posts on social media, you have a warm set of prospects to leverage in your lead generation strategy.

How will you select your audience?

To ensure a consistent flow of hot leads by leveraging some effective Facebook lead generation tools, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Hit the “Business Tools” option at the top left corner of the page.
  3. In the dropdown menu, scroll down & click Audiences
  4. Facebook Ads Manager AudienceOnce the Audience page opens, hit the Create Audience dropdown list.
  5. Select Custom Audience.

Facebook Custom Audience

You will be shown a variety of sources to opt from and engage your custom audience including your business site, video, Instagram, as well as your Facebook Page.

choose facebook custom audience source

Now that you have set up your warm audiences, it’s time to hook them, including your cold audiences. People normally want to invest around 75% of their capital on cold prospects & 25% on warm prospects.

Let’s discuss how to create a video engagement custom audience.

Create a Video Engagement Custom Audience

To create a custom audience of prospects who engage with the video content on your Facebook page, choose Video as the primary source of custom audience.

On the next page, opt for a segment of the audience from the “Engagement” dropdown menu. The options here vary from “people who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video” to “people who have watched at 95% of your video”. It is advisable to opt for the option “people who have watched at 25% of your video” as any prospect who watches fewer than that fails to meet the engagement benchmark.

Create a Video Engagement Custom Audience

Once you finalize your selection, hit the “Choose Videos” option on the right.

In the next session, you can opt for your desired videos on your Facebook page. It is recommended to set up an audience for all videos on your Facebook page for prospects who’ve engaged with at least 25% of the video.

It is also possible to set up an audience of prospects who watched a particular video. Consider you uploaded an engaging and interactive Facebook Live video and invest a significant budget & effort in arranging this live session. You can set up an audience of prospects who have watched 25% or more of that particular video.

choose content for Video Engagement Custom Audience

Once you select the desired videos, it’s time to define a period of retention for your audience. The retention period is the number of days your prospects will be considered your warm audience after watching your video for a defined length (25 percent or greater). The maximum number of days you can select is 365 days. You can go for 365 days because the audience you are going to rely on is the warm audience.

Finally, label your audience and then hit “Create Audience”.

create a video engagement custom audience

Facebook will automatically make your changes take effect which generally requires a few hours to fully implement. Upon successful implementation, you’ll start getting audience size in your Audience widget.

audience size in your Audience widget - Facebook Ads

Create a Website Custom Audience

Another recommended custom audience involves your website visitors. You can practice flexibility and different ideas by leveraging this audience. You can create a custom audience of different prospects who’ve visited your website, specific landing pages, blog pages, etc.

By setting up a custom audience for your website, you can also select prospects on the basis of how recently they visited your site or particular pages. For utmost efficiency, it is recommended to create a custom audience of prospects who paid visits in the last 30 to 180 days. In case, you are getting remarkable website traffic, you can opt for 14 days. Within the recommended time frame, you will be targeting a very warm set of prospects who just engaged with your website and its content. All you need to do is push an effective ad to hook these prospects firmly.

8 Actionable Tips for Facebook Lead Generation


1. Ensuring the Best User Experience

Consistency curbs roadblocks and persuades your prospects to move further down the sales funnel.

You can leverage the well-developed and engaging Lead pages as a build-in Facebook Ads tool and offer your prospects an engaging experience. By doing so, you can further ease your prospects’ buyer journey from their first click on your Facebook ad to the conversion state on the lead page. You need to showcase your brand as an authentic and industry leader entity to ensure your prospects that they are going to buy from the right brand. 

Ensuring consistency in your content and tone throughout your Facebook lead gen strategy involves:

  • Keeping marketing pitches consistent in all lead generation campaigns.
  • Use relevant and consistent visuals with the right color theme that matches your brand.
  • If necessary, modify the pitch or tone of your content seamlessly in accordance with the stage of your prospect in your lead gen funnel.

2. Engage & Invest in the Right Leads

As a lead generation specialist, you’re probably thinking about how to hook the hot leads for your business and attain maximum ROI from your marketing campaigns.

When it comes to generating leads on Facebook, your prospects are generally the Facebook surfers who came across your sponsored posts in their newsfeed or Facebook Ads. As Facebook holds over 3 billion monthly users around the globe, any random and irrational strategy will fail to drive fruitful outcomes.

To interact with the right set of prospects, you need to filter your audience. To get things done rightly, opt for the custom audience approach to generate hot leads using Facebook Ads, as discussed in the previous section of the blog.

3. Support Your Message by Choosing the Right Ad Format 

Explore and reconsider different Facebook lead generation ad examples. Facebook introduced ads that used to support a single image. But the recent advancement has revamped its ad formats to incorporate a combo of different options. Choose the ad format that best serves your business objective and boost your conversion rate by engaging qualified leads.

Below are some options you must consider as different Facebook ad formats:

  • Photo – Use engaging and relevant images to deliver your message.
  • Carousel – Showcase more than one image or video within a single Facebook Ad.
  • Video – An effective way to tell your brand story and engage your prospects emotionally.
  • Slideshow – Deliver your message to the prospect having low bandwidth internet and lacks interest in playing videos.
  • Collection: Portray an engaging story using a single ad for brand awareness.
  • Facebook Messenger: To connect with your prospects using a more personalized approach.

4. Offer Something for Free (Lead Magnets)

Offer informative and valuable gated content as lead magnets. People refrain from providing their contact info and personal details without getting anything valuable in return. Consider offering valuable content to feed the curious soul of your prospects. That’s how lead magnets serve the purpose. A lead magnet can be anything from Ebooks, Free tutorials, how-to guides, customer case studies, product purchase guides, newsletters, free consultations, etc.

5. Clickbait Images to Drive Responses

Consider Facebook as the crowded Wall Street where brands hustle for getting public attention for a moment. What ignites the interest of your prospect and catches their attention when they see your posts or ads? Obviously, an engaging and fascinating image.

Pictures hold the potential to say a thousand words. Don’t shy from investing in finding the most appealing and catchy images to generate leads using Facebook ads.

Below are some tips to create a fascinating image for your Facebook ads.

  • Take a photograph that speaks and outstands your rivals’ images
  • Avoid using stock images available for free
  • Use images with contrasting colors and a clear subject
  • Reconsider your choice for the depth of field depending on the message you are going to convey
  • Post editing of images is vital
  • Give attention to details
  • Refrain from using controversial images or visuals

6.  Integrating SMS/Facebook Messenger into your lead generation process

The debut of Facebook Messenger comes amidst more feasibility for businesses to interact with their prospects and customer base. According to Facebook, its modern lead generation utility in Messenger helps businesses to strengthen their relationship with customers.

Facebook Messenger enables you to:

  • Engage with the qualified prospects
  • Enrich communication
  • Nurture prospects on the platform where they spend most of their time
  • Quickly discard the low potential prospects
  • Seamlessly integrate it with your business website

But how can you generate qualified leads using Facebook Messenger? The answer to this question is summed up in some simple points below:

  1. Go to Ads Manager to find the Facebook lead generation form
  2. Choose the “Generate Leads” & hit the “Create Chat” button
  3. Include opening dialogue or welcome message, closing statements like Thank you or Regards, go through the privacy policy, & other necessary options.
  4. While you will set up your Facebook lead generation form, you will come across some optional utilities like questions layout, such as multiple-choice questions, to make your CX more smooth and more fluent.
  5. Finish the setup and submit it to authorities for review and approval.

You can explore some effective Facebook lead generation ad examples on the internet before crafting your own ideas.

7. Integrating Your Apps for a Seamless Experience

App integration provides a cutting edge to businesses over its rivals by ensuring improved delivery of services.

Lead generation specialists acknowledged that it’s not an efficient way to independently use multiple mediums to offer value to the customers across different channels. 

According to the research, the seamless integration of marketing efforts can boost conversion rates by 50 percent. Businesses that integrate their marketing campaigns using CRMs can unlock this opportunity without breaking any stones.

8. A/B Split Testing 

A/B Split testing allows you to change different variables of your lead generation campaigns, such as your Ad content, custom audience, or Ad placement strategy by evaluating which approach provides the best results. For instance, you experience trouble in deciding which strategy tends to be more productive – a custom audience strategy or an interest-based audience strategy. Split testing allows you to quickly compare both strategies to evaluate which strategy can produce more fruitful results compared to the other.

Split testing is effective in measuring the KPIs of two strategies and testing them using different variables or parameters. It is recommended to leverage A/B testing to evaluate new strategies rather than jumping on a bandwagon to adopt any random strategy for the sake of mass following. A/B split testing allows you to split audiences and compare them on the basis of stats and numerical attributes, unlike informal testing. Informal testing leads to irrational decision-making based on poor hypotheses rather than facts and figures.

You can easily implement split testing in Facebook Ads Manager.


Whether you want to experience how to generate leads on Facebook for free, terminate fake leads from Facebook Ads, or create effective lead generation forms, the above-mentioned tips and strategies can help you a lot. If you find it difficult or lack the necessary resources to generate leads using Facebook, get in touch with us – ScaleYourBiz. We have the right Facebook lead generation tools and skillset to ensure a consistent flow of hot leads for your business.

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