How to Generate FinTech Leads Effectively

Lead generation has become mandatory for businesses to compete in the evolving market. How can FinTech companies attract and engage hot leads in 2022? This blog post will highlight some effective ways that allow FinTech businesses to set up an effective lead generation strategy and ensure a consistent flow of qualified leads.

Importance of Fintech Lead Generation? 

Globally, the finance sector is expected to gain a worth of USD 26.5 trillion by the end of 2022 with a CAGR of over 5%. For now, around 65% of credit unions & over 50% of banks in the United States are certain that fintech collaboration is of utmost importance.

Fintech is known for creating upheavals in the market forever. Among mainstream financial organizations, over 70% are already planning to enrich partnerships with fintech companies in the next couple of years.

All these statistics and figures stress the fact that the FinTech domain is going to be more competitive than ever. If you have a FinTech business or thinking about setting your foot in the FinTech industry, you need an effective lead generation strategy.

You need a continuous flow of hot leads that fits your ideal customer profile to target them with relevant and engaging content. Your ideal prospects are the subset of your target audience. For Fintech companies, the target audience is the set of people with a problem or pain points that your financial services can resolve.

Around 70 percent of lead generation experts claim that lead generation is their foremost challenge. Need to target 2 aims with the single arrow that more leads and better leads.

By engaging hot fintech leads, you can engage the most suitable audience that is highly likely to buy your product or services. Therefore, these high potential leads boost your ROI by skyrocketing your conversion rate.

Which Strategies can Increase Your Fintech Leads?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

fintech lead generation seo
Source: Business 2 Community

Around 70% of experts believe that a robust SEO strategy scales your lead generation efforts remarkably.

An effective SEO strategy helps your prospects find your Fintech company through search engines. By optimizing your website for the search engine, you make your business site rank among the top Google search results for relevant keywords or phrases in your niche.

By setting up a fruitful SEO strategy based on search terms that link with your FinTech products or services, you successfully attract qualified inbound Fintech leads.

While around 34% of lead gen experts depend on Google Analytics as an effective SEO lead gen platform, there are many lead generation tools for keyword research, backlinks, and other SEO strategies.

To improve your Fintech lead generation strategy by improving your SEO, start by researching the relevant keywords in your niche. Then, perform a SERP analysis of your selected keywords to find out the most heated and relevant topics to cover.

Optimizing your landing pages with the right content, keywords, and CTA’s are also crucial to turning your Fintech lead generation efforts to produce favorable outcomes.

Content Marketing

fintech lead generation content marketing
Source: Free Logo Services

Content is a key player in lead generation for Fintech. You can leverage different types of content and showcase the true value of your brand and product folio to your audience. From brand awareness to sales conversion, content marketing remains instrumental in your lead generation efforts for Fintech.

Below are just a few formats you can use to craft educational and informative content for FinTech lead generation:

  • Blog posts or Articles
  • Product Tutorials
  • How-to Guides
  • Informative content
  • Customer Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • Podcasts or Webinars, etc.

The opportunities in content marketing are infinite, with videos being very impactful and evolving content formats to generate qualified leads for your Fintech business.

PPC or Paid Advertisement

fintech lead generation ppc
Source: Rock Content

In a highly saturated niche like Fintech, a result-centric and analytical approach can boost the efficiency of your lead generation strategy.

The PPC (Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click) is a paid advertising model that enables advertisers to place ads on different platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Social Media Ads like Facebook & LinkedIn Ads. You can craft a customized advertising campaign that lets you target your audience based on their demographics, preferences, buying patterns, interests, etc.

The right Fintech paid advertising strategy can help you optimize your advertisement budget by choosing the right keywords to bid for your business.

Email Marketing

 fintech lead generation email
Source: Forbes

Historically, Fintech businesses used to rely on in-person interactions and events to acquire most of their leads. In the digital era, fintech businesses now host webinar sessions, virtual conferences, and other online events to interact with their target audience. Therefore, sending personalized emails to the prospects who reveal an interest in your brand can help you boost your Fintech lead generation strategy.

B2B lead generation for fintech business ignites by increasing brand awareness and expanding network. An effective email marketing strategy can help you generate qualified Fintech leads & push your prospects in your sales funnel for further nurturing.

Which Fintech Lead Generation Strategy Should Work Best?

The fintech market is growing at a rapid pace. The increasing number of Fintech services offering high-end solutions made it difficult for an average fintech company to compete against the big fishes in the pool.

Undoubtedly, generating hot leads is the primary challenge for most Fintech businesses out there. But, refrain from perceiving lead generation as a standalone process. It’s a combo of different factors and tactics. 

SEO, content marketing, paid advertisement, and email marketing are all known for producing remarkable results in lead generation for Fintech. But, there are some other key aspects that you must incorporate into your lead generation strategy.

Below are some tips that you need to consider before and while creating our Fintech lead generation strategy.

Tips to Generate Fintech Leads

Know your audience 

Your current customer base tells a story about how you resolve your customers’ pain points. Ask yourself what your company is going to offer to your prospects and how it becomes instrumental in determining customer perception of your brand.

Once you determine why your existing customers are linked with your business, you can craft an ideal figure of your lookalike target audiences called buyer personas. Before creating a lead generation campaign for your Fintech business, leverage these buyer personas to boost your brand awareness campaign.

Creating a subset of target audiences is known as segmentation which promises to boost your ROI up to 500% by decreasing customer acquisition costs to a remarkable extent.

Set sales funnels 

While SEO and brand awareness are all vital aspects of fintech lead generation, your sales funnel also needs your conscious and consistent attention.

An efficient lead generation funnel has each stage effective enough to push as many leads to the next stage as possible. To achieve this goal you need to optimize your sales funnel by creating highly informative and relevant content for every stage of your sales funnel.

There is no point in generating a great number of leads that ended up leaving your sales to funnel without becoming a sale. Apart from the content, another key area that requires improvement is your landing page. For example, your prospects at the top of the funnel eventually choose not to move further because you didn’t place a CTA.

You need to align your marketing and sales team toward a mutual goal. Sometimes your high potential prospects may abandon you because your marketing or sales team fails to engage them effectively,

Nurture leads

Generating a number of fresh leads is important, but that’s only part of the lead generation efforts. You need to nurture those leads and push them towards the sales deal. Authoritative and engaging content plays a vital role in a successful lead nurturing campaign.

You can ensure an effective lead nurturing strategy to further improve the quality and score of your Fintech leads by:

  • Using the most relevant and informative content
  • Automating the repetitive tasks
  • Incorporating lead scoring and lead qualification methodologies
  • Ensuring the audience segmentation
  • Reengaging existing customers to boost customer retention rate.

Improve landing pages for CRO 

Landing pages are the foundational basis of the sales funnel to capture leads by offering valuable content. Ensure that your lead generation landing page reflects a clear objective. The title or headline propagates a true value and must not be clickbait or something that sounds irrelevant. The CTA must be detailed and sound persuasive.

Outsource lead generation

Around 80% of businesses claim that lead generation is the most challenging activity to saturate the sales funnel. If you’re a fintech business going to adapt a lead generation strategy for the first time, you will more likely get confused and overwhelmed by the idea. For instance, you start by evaluating your current capabilities and ponder over whether to outsourcing lead generation, train your in-house team, or follow a hybrid of both.

Outsourcing an experienced Fintech lead generation service for your finance service allows you to focus on core business areas. By outsourcing a Lead Generation Service like ScaleYourBiz to drive hot leads to your website you can boost your ROI and reduce customer acquisition costs significantly.


To survive in the highly competitive digital world, it is mandatory to install an effective Fintech lead generation strategy for your finance business. By following the tips and strategies mentioned in this blog post, you can ensure a consistent flow of hot Fintech leads.

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