How to generate leads with chatbot marketing

A range of SMBs, lead generation experts, and digital marketers have a thirst to set up a highly impactful lead generation process. To help them address their utmost need, chatbot marketing plays a vital role in this regard. 

Chatbots allow you to better engage your website visitors and drive them to convert into leads. To capitalize on using this interactive engagement tactic you need to tune a perfect equilibrium between chatbot lead generation and human assistance. 

This blog post will shed light on how to use chatbot marketing for lead generation and some crucial benefits of chatbot marketing. Let’s explore this in detail.

What is Chatbot marketing?

A chatbot lead generation uses bots to generate leads. These bots are particularly designed to identify high-quality website visitors, ignite their interest in your business offering, and help in developing a trustworthy relationship with potential buyers. These chatbots are intended to gather prospects’ info in exchange for particular information about your brand, policies, or solutions.

How does the chatbot work for marketing and sales?

Chatbot marketing helps in improving ROI, lead generation process, and CX. Chatbot lead generation can help you increase the ROI of your marketing and lead generation campaigns. If implemented in the right way, a chatbot lead generation strategy can saturate your sales funnel with several hot leads. It further helps you in:

Automating your sales funnel

You can streamline your lead generation funnel using chatbot marketing by scoring leads based on their activities, interaction, responses, and answers to a particular question. Based on their score, you can send these leads with the right lead nurturing content

Increasing your ROI

Chatbot marketing generates hot leads for your business. Since more leads mean more opportunities, using a chatbot for lead generation can cast a great impact on your overall ROI.

Removing the burden of the marketing & sales team

Chatbots ease the burden of your sales time by responding to customer queries or conflicts instantly. You can also qualify and score your leads by asking particular questions based on your buyer persona. It further helps you in improving your marketing and sales teams’ efficiency.

Email marketing Vs Chatbots Markeing 

An increasing number of businesses of all scales are adapting chatbot marketing for its responsiveness, potential, and ability to support social media & different CRM platforms. For instance, you can use Facebook chatbot marketing to engage your target audience on Facebook. 

According to the research, the click rate of chatbots ranges from 20% to 70%.  Whereas, for emails, this figure stands between 8% and 15%. Also, chatbots offer a better open rate (over 80%) than emails (22%).

When it comes to lead conversion, chatbots are thrice more impactful compared to emails. According to the survey, most businesses claim that they have experienced up to a 70% increase in their revenue after incorporating chatbots chatbot marketing in their lead generation process.

10 Useful Tips to generate leads with chatbot marketing

There are different vital aspects that you need to consider before crafting an effective chatbot lead generation strategy. Some of these proven and highly effective tips for chatbot lead generation include:

1. Define your goal

Your brand’s primary goal is the main driver of what you are trying to acquire using chatbot marketing. For instance, you can use chatbots for customer support as most businesses are currently doing. But if you want to generate leads using chat marketing, you need to deviate from the mainstream strategy and focus more on chatbot lead generation.

2. Setting up chatbot lead qualification process

To opt for the right questions your chatbot is supposed to ask, consider the type of questions your SDRs need to be answered before qualifying or scoring a lead.

The types of questions mainly rely on the buyer’s journey or the stage of your sales funnel. At the awareness stage, you only need to gather the email info of your website visitors. As leads move to the decision and consideration stage, you can ask for more details.

3. Align your tone with the buyer’s persona

Your buyer persona is the ideal customer profile that matches the interests, demographics, and pain points of your target audience. Know your target audience and create a buyer persona of your brand. It will help you close the communication and language barriers. Appropriate tone, vocabulary, terminologies, and greeting words play a vital role in successful engagement.

Apart from buyer persona, ensure that your tone also aligns with your brand voice for consistent messages across all channels including emails, content, web copies, etc.

4. Know where to engage your audience

Select the right pages where a particular chatbot for lead generation appears. Another vital factor is the right time for the chatbot popup. 

You can flash your chatbot based on: 

  • The current page your visitor is scrolling
  • Their previous pages like blog pages, product pages, quotation pages, etc.
  • Their geolocation 
  • The type of device they are using such as a smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • The frequency of their visit to your brand website or the particular page they opened most often
  • The time they have spent exploring your website

5. Split Testing

Split or A/B testing allows you to evaluate the number of prospects responding or converting on the particular chatbot. It enables you to revamp and optimize your chatbot marketing and chatbot lead generation strategy. 

6. Design a smooth flow for a more human experience

To give your prospects a feel that they are not chatting with the robot, it is recommended to keep the flow of your chatbot’s messages smooth, connected, and consistent. Draw a tree of possibilities and connect the dots backward for a clear understanding of how an actual chatbot flow will work.

7. Define the next destination for chatbot leads

You can send your chatbot leads to a particular landing page, product page, or support page, or connect them with your sales team. You need to define the rules for further engagement to nurture your leads depending on their score and qualification.

8. Recalling the visitors who have abandoned a particular process

For instance, a prospect has filled your lead form but refrained from clicking the submit button, or has abandoned the cart without making a purchase. You can make your chatbot flash at this vital moment to recall your prospects and persuade them to complete the action. You can ask and resolve the concerns that are holding them back from completing the action.

9) Generate leads through blogs and articles

If you detect that a user is browsing from one article to another, you can ask them if they have any questions and direct them to the appropriate post.

10) Leverage Facebook chatbot marketing

There are around 3 billion Facebook users around the globe. Facebook chatbot marketing allows you to engage this gigantic chunk of an audience on Facebook. You can engage them, share your brand message, ignite their interest in your offerings, drive them to your business website, and convert them into qualified sales leads.

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Chatbot marketing examples

Below are some chatbot marketing examples, that you must consider before designing your chatbot lead generation strategy.

Example 1

Chatbot marketing examples

Consider the above chatbot marketing examples. It is designed to collect lead data for B2B businesses like prospect name, company name, email address, company size, industry, etc. These essential pieces of lead information can be later used for lead nurturing efforts and making the right sales pitch by your marketing & sales team, respectively.

Example 2

Chatbot marketing examples

The above lead generation chatbot example is designed to send predefined answer choices to the prospect with the question. At the end, when the prospect came to the price query, it instantly asked for an email address for later lead nurturing and sales conversion process. Indeed, an effective way to engage a prospect and generate leads.

Example 3

Chatbot marketing examples

This lead generation chatbot example is remarkable as it offers predefined data fields with the questions. These data fields can be connected to the CRM or database to streamline the process of recording lead data. You can instantly share this data with your marketing and sales team for lead nurturing and sales conversion.

Example 4

Chatbot marketing examples

This is another brilliant facebook chatbot marketing idea to drive the facebook audience to the business website by sending a link to the product page. It will not only help you drive traffic but also generate & qualify leads by converting website traffic into hot leads.


Chatbot marketing has revolutionized the lead generation process by engaging the right prospects at the right time. You can try these effective AI-driven and rules-based chatbots for lead generation and improve your sales funnel for more conversions.

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