10 Tips to create a highly convertible Lead Generation Form

If your business website lacks a dedicated source to capture and convert website traffic into leads, you will end up experiencing a flat curve in your success graph. Without effective and optimized lead generation forms you cannot engage in new business opportunities and a lack of new opportunities means crashing sales.

Lead generation forms are an effective way to hook and convert website traffic into sales leads. Lead gen forms are incorporated on your landing page and persuade your website visitors to share their contact info in exchange for something valuable like discount offers, gated content, etc. 

A lead generation form not only helps you in capturing leads but also ignites their interest in your business and its solutions.

What is Lead Generation Form?

A lead gen form is a website form that is intended to capture the email addresses, contact info, and other demographic information of your prospects. This information can be used for different lead nurturing and outbound marketing campaigns throughout the sales process.

The most widely used lead gen forms include contact forms, query forms, and newsletter or eBook subscription forms.

Why Lead generation Forms are important

A Lead generation form plays a vital role in the front-end implementation of all your lead generation efforts. They can help you

  • Convert plain website traffic into valuable leads
  • Reduce bounce rates & increase conversions
  • Triggers interest of prospects in your business offerings
  • Generate lead data for lead nurturing campaigns

Examples of Good Lead Generation Forms 

Example 1

Lead Generation Form

The above lead generation form example by Analyze, a social media marketing tool, is remarkable. It offers a unique CTA compared to the mainstream “Submit” CTA and posses only three data fields.

Visitors will find it a perfect deal to have their hands on an interactive demo session just by sharing their name, email address, and phone number.

Example 2

Lead Generation Form

Single Grain highlights its credibility by showcasing big names like Uber, Amazon, and Sales Force as their clients on its lead generation form. You can also adapt this lead generation form tip.

Don’t forget to ask for the permission of your clients before including their name.

Example 3

Lead Generation Form

The above lead generation form by Freckle is the perfect example of minimalist and concise design. It just asks you to provide your email address to have your hands on a valuable and free guide to grow your business.

Example 4

Lead Generation Form

Sprefast’s lead generation form is geared towards engaging B2B  prospects. It also alerts the form submitter if he or she mistakenly types the wrong value or format in data fields. You can adapt this technique to abstain from getting poor lead data by reminding your website visitors to fill in the right information.

Example 5

Lead Generation Form

Semrush is a digital marketing and SEO tool. Its lead generation forms ask for the credit or debit card credentials for the monthly subscription. It also reminds its prospects that their payment gateways are secured and protected by credible sources like Norton and Trustwaves. This technique helps you encourage your visitors in trusting your brand with their banking credentials.

12 Tips to Optimize Your Lead Generation Form 

It is necessary to craft and optimize lead generation forms for better engagements and conversions. Below are some proven lead generation form best practices that promise maximum outcomes for all your lead generation efforts.

1. Implement AIDA into your Lead Generation Strategy

The AIDA Model, as the name suggests, stands for:

  • A – Attention
  • I – Interest
  • D – Desire
  • A- Action

To encourage you to fill and submit their contact info on your lead generation form, you need to incorporate a hierarchy of these four elements in your lead gen form. Your lead generation must be attractive enough to hook the prospect’s attention, ignite their interest, spark their desire to make a beneficial exchange, and take the required action.

2. Form Placements

A Lead generation form placement is of utmost importance in driving fruitful conversions. Due to the continuous flow of information, the attention span of internet users especially those of Gen-Z is decreasing with every passing day. You need to place your form at the center of the webpage to divert the attention of your prospects. Otherwise, you will face trouble in converting your website traffic into leads. 

3. Use eye-catching visuals & CTAs

Use eye-catching visuals, pictures, and color tones that match your brand theme to acquire the attention and interest of prospects. Don’t forget to use relevant CTAs. CTAs help your audience navigate to the next step and convert them by converting your message. Your CTA must be relevant and directs your visitors to the right offer or content that it promises.

4. Use compelling copy

Craft a compelling web copy to encourage your website visitors to fill out your lead generation form. To engage your audience effectively try to communicate your message using powerful words and a second-person tone. Refrain from using the passive voice as it significantly reduces the impact of your message.

5. Keep it simple and short

Keep your lead generation forms concise and short. Refrain from asking for too much information from your visitors. For instance, no one bothers to share their mobile number or personal information with a random website. Another reason is that people don’t have enough time to fill out lengthy forms. According to the study, 3-4 is the optimum number of data fields that promises better conversions.

6. Use attractive offers in exchange for filling a form 

Why does someone bother to spare time in filling out your lead generation form and providing their contact info? The answer is mutual benefit. You need to offer something valuable like informative content, promotional offers, discount coupons, or other perks to encourage visitors to take the time in filling out your lead gen form.

7. Use Lead Magnets 

Lead magnets are one of the top lead generation form tips. It can be any piece of gated content like an eBook, testimonials, case studies, industry reports, webinars, newsletters, etc. Gated content is basically information-rich and valuable content that you leverage as bait to attract and convert leads.  It will allow you to generate as well as nurture leads to turn them into sales-ready prospects.

8. Use Testimonials

Using testimonials and customer success stories is an efficient way to generate high-quality leads. Testimonials not only help you produce leads but also help you establish trustworthy relationships with your potential customers. 

9. Make it time-sensitive

A time-sensitive offer or perk can help you create a sense of urgency. Consider adding a time-sensitive and limited-time offer or bonus to convert website visitors into leads. To further improve lead generation forms you can also add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency and the thirst of not losing an offer. It will help you instantly convert even the coldest audience by offering something valuable as a limited-time offer. 

10. Do A/B Testing 

Lead generation firms help you calculate the ROI of your lead generation campaigns by highlighting the conversion rates, bounce rates, and SEO rankings. It is recommended to perform A/B testing for your lead generation forms with different designs, formats, placements, and CTAs. No matter how well your existing lead generation form is performing, there is always a space for improvement. Keep testing and optimizing to ensure the maximum ROI of your lead generation campaigns. 

11. Highlight Privacy Concerns  to gain trust 

Your website visitors can be a bit shy in sharing their information with your business. An effective way to resolve this issue is to highlight the privacy terms to gain their trust. You need to satisfy your prospects that their information and data will remain private and protected. By doing so, you can gain their trust and convert them into leads.

12. Outsource lead generation services

A lead generation can form can either make or break your lead generation campaign. If you find yourself struggling to create a perfect and optimized lead generation form for your website, outsource lead generation services. Renown and experience lead generation services like ScaleYourBiz can ease most of your burden by helping you launch an effective lead generation campaign for your business.


A Lead generation form plays a vital role in strengthening your lead generation campaign by capturing your leads and producing lead data for further nurturing. You need to constantly revamp and improve your lead generation form for better conversions and fewer bounce rates. Lead generation form tips discussed in this article can help you improve the ROI of your different lead generation campaigns and unlock new sales opportunities.

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