10 Proven Tips for Industrial and Manufacturer Lead Generation

Industrial and manufacturer lead generation are the primary determinants of success for any manufacturing or industrial business. These businesses cease to grow and increase sales if they fail to deliver enough manufacturer sales leads. 

Another vital aspect is a poor understanding of industrial lead generation limits most businesses to invest in this remarkable growth strategy. In this blog post, we will discuss some proven industrial and manufacturing lead generation strategies to produce hot industrial leads.

Importance of Lead Generation for Industrial and Manufacturing companies

Industrial and Manufacturer Lead Generation

The manufacturing industry heavily depends on lead generation to ensure a steady flow of manufacturer leads for their sales funnel. It offers a wide range of perks like:

10 Tips for Industrial and Manufacturer Lead Generation

 Industrial and Manufacturer Lead Generation Strategies

Below are some proven Industrial and manufacturer lead generation strategies that you must consider in 2022.

1. Create a Lead Generation Strategy

Refrain from irrationally jumping to the implementation part and start by designing an effective lead generation strategy for your business. It includes:

  • Defining your goals
  • Listing down potential hurdles
  • Creating a buyer persona
  • Doing comprehensive keywords research
  • Making an effective SEO, content marketing, paid advertisement, and social media strategy
  •  Define KPIs for different marketing & lead generation strategies
  • Set achievable ROIs for all your lead generation campaigns and define a plan & time period to achieve particular milestones.
  • Keep optimizing your all lead generation campaigns in parallel with the progress phase.

2. Create Buyer Persona

Industrial and manufacturer lead generation starts with the research of the target audience like other businesses. It is necessary to assess the pain points, expectations, demographics, and preferences of your target audience and create a buyer persona for your business. Your buyer persona is the ideal customer profile that enables you to attract the right prospects & generate high-quality industrial leads.

3. Arrange Webinar Sessions

Developing a strong and authentic brand image is necessary to set up an effective industrial lead generation strategy. One of the most effective ways to develop an image of a proactive industry leader is to organize webinar sessions with your target audience. You can ask your audience to fill out the lead form before joining the webinar session. Interactive video sessions like webinars, podcasts, and QnA sessions allow you to build rapport with your prospects and create a steady flow of hot industrial leads for your business.

4. Create a Blog

Produce and publish SEO-optimized blogs to resolve the pain points of your prospects. An effective blog post helps you improve your brand awareness & lead generation campaigns. Use the right keywords or phrases in your niche to attract the right set of audiences. Your blog posts offer valuable and informative content to nurture your leads at each stage of their purchase journey.

5. Optimize Your Website for lead generation

Your website, product pages, and landing pages must be optimized for lead generation. Optimizing your website for SEO includes improving the page load speeds, using optimized image sizes, using the right keywords, adding relevant CTAs, using content that hooks the visitors, etc. It will help you improve your organic search rankings and offer an engaging customer experience to your prospects. All these efforts are highly effective in generating industrial leads lead generation for industrial businesses.

6. Create a PPC Strategy

Pay-per-Click (PPC) or paid advertisement strategy is the strategy to show paid ads (also known as Google Ads) on search engine result pages (SERPs). As the name suggests, PPC means you will be charged for every click made on your ads. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for the right keywords to show your ads to the right set of audiences. If you are not targeting the relevant, commercial, and high-intent keywords, you will more likely worsen your ROI for paid advertisement campaigns.

Learn more about How to develop an impactful PPC strategy for your business.

7. Re-engage Customers

Your existing and loyal customers or clients are your assets. Another effective way to boost lead generation for manufacturer business is to reengage your lost or existing customers. The re-engagement technique spares a significant amount of your budget that you otherwise spend on acquiring new leads. Making slight efforts like sending re-engagement emails, updates about products/services/new features, or promotional offers to your existing customers can help you re-engage them for further sales. 

8. Share Content On Social Media

More than 3.5 billion people use social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Therefore, social media is the perfect place to engage your target audience. Share your blogs, lead magnets, webinars, and product or service updates on social media to drive this high-potential audience to your website for lead conversion. Another effective way to use social media for lead generation is running Facebook or LinkedIn ads for lead generation. Like Google Ads, you need to craft an effective and well-researched paid advertisement strategy for social media.

9. Leverage Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing or ABM is a B2B digital marketing methodology. It involves focusing all available resources and efforts on particular target accounts within a specific industry or niche. It involves highly personalized & targeted campaigns to approach and hook the accounts that fit your buyer persona. In ABM, you basically don’t push individual leads into your lead generation funnel, but directly engage hot accounts with highly relevant and personalized content. It is recommended to opt for this emerging practice in B2B lead generation for the manufacturer and industrial businesses.

10. Outsource a Professional Agency for Lead Generation Service 

If you lack enough resources and experience to develop an effective Industrial and manufacturer lead generation strategy, outsource lead generation service. An outsourced lead generation service like ScaleYourBiz offers the right talent and experience to develop a lead generation strategy for your business. Hiring an experienced lead generation agency spares you from hiring and training an in-house staff while allowing you to focus on core business operations.


The Industrial and manufacturer lead generation strategies discussed in this article are known to deliver exceptional results by generating high-quality manufacturing sales leads. If you find it difficult or lack in-house resources to create effective B2B lead generation strategies for your business, choose ScaleYourBiz.

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