Insurance Lead Generation – How to Generate Insurance Leads Effectively

Insurance Lead Generation

Insurance lead generation involves creating an effective sales funnel and saturating it with qualified insurance leads. A lead generation sales funnel you set up for your life or health insurance lead generation campaign isn’t intended for every individual in the digital world. Even the most effective lead gen funnels fail to perform without the right insurance leads. Direct and effective lead generation for insurance agents is intended to engage hot leads and provide rich control over the success of the overall insurance business. It doesn’t necessarily mean pushing every prospect to your lead generation funnel but attracting and nurturing qualified leads.

Importance of Lead Generation for Insurance Companies

To ensure a trustworthy and authentic relationship with new prospects, insurance agencies need to develop and showcase their brand identity.

Keep in mind, your prospects’ journey that leads to the sale isn’t random. When you critically define each step of a prospect’s journey, you will have a smooth funnel that helps your prospects find valuable information according to their stage in your sales funnel.

The topmost and widest part of your lead generation funnel is where you lose most of your potential customers. They usually leave the funnel before moving further down the narrow portion of your sales funnel to become high-intent or sales-ready prospects.

When it comes to lead generation for insurance agents, it’s vital to saturate the top of the funnel with the right leads. That’s why it is necessary to target the right and quality leads. By doing so, you will be able to generate more leads that remain consistent until the end of their purchase journey which interns improve your ROI.

11 Lead Generation Ideas for Insurance Agents That Work Without Cold Calling

At this stage, it is vital to acknowledge the difference between brand awareness and lead generation. Brand awareness is the part of lead generation strategy and lies at the top of your sales funnel. It improves the visibility and authenticity of your business. Whereas, lead generation is a much broader term and involves pushing your prospects toward a sale. Let’s discuss this hierarchy with 11 effective lead generation ideas in detail.

1. Setting up an engaging insurance business website

Initially, all your insurance lead generation efforts should have a unified objective which is to get visitors to the website. Once you achieve this goal, your next step is to push your prospects or website visitors into a smooth, easy to navigate, and content-rich sales funnel.

Not all leads are equal. Engage your prospects with the right web pages and content as per their search intent. Incorporate the right content strategy and offer the right lead magnets according to the stage of prospects in your sales funnel. Set up different content formats that resolve the pain points of your prospects. Make your insurance lead gen site a compelling and engaging platform where your potential clients prefer spending their time and research.

Gather contact and demographic info of your clients by strategically featuring your lead magnets. Provide navigational links to the relevant content your prospects are more likely to read. Include Call-to-Action (CTAs) at the right place to transform your website traffic into market-qualified leads.

By using your website as the primary tool for all your digital marketing efforts, you basically transform your website into a lead gen engine.

2. Design buyer personas for different life events of your prospects

Life changes come amidst anxiety and stability for most individuals. They are most likely to invest in insurance plans for themselves or their loved ones, making them potential leads for insurance companies.

Life, job, or residential changes often make people feel a need for acquiring insurance policies. You just need to persuade them to finalize their decision in affirmation. To achieve this goal, you need to align your buyer personas for different prospect variations. These variations are triggered by recent changes in their life and routine.

You might find different prospect segments or buyer personas based on their life chances. For instance:

  • Newlywed Couples
  • New parents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Immigrants
  • Military officials
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Injured in a labor jobs
  • Retired from Military of Government Services

Now, you can observe some diverse challenges as well as opportunities in insurance lead generation. Unlike a mainstream brand or eCommerce business, insurance brands offer something every individual needs in different stages of their life. It increases your target area for engaging most of the leads. But it also includes a very high variation in prospects’ niches that needed to be targeted at the same time.

Prepare and launch yourself by aligning all your marketing and lead generation methodologies with the life events of your prospects. Customize your approach for each individual, feature the right landing page with relevant and engaging content to resolve their conflicts. Then, start your lead generation efforts by nurture your leads. Do not forget to re-engage them during any notable shift in their life.

3. Search Engine Optimization to engage insurance leads

Before going further into generating insurance leads, you must acknowledge how to create an effective SEO strategy. Let’s discuss each aspect of SEO strategy and its Brightside in detail

Resonate your content with keyword intent

SEO is one of the most practical and effective lead generation strategies. The reason is it doesn’t require cold calling or mail outreaches. Rather, SEO boosts your website traffic and brand visibility organically. But, you don’t want just website visitors. The key to acquiring qualified insurance leads is to align your content strategy with the search intent of the target keywords or phrases.

In other words, You need to perform your keyword research based on the mindset and intent of your prospects while searching for the particular keyword or phrase. For instance:

  • What is their pain point?
  • What are they actually looking for?
  • Do they just need informative content, or ready to purchase?
  • What type of content do they want to see?
  • Are they looking for particular services or just want to read policies?
  • Are they searching for a one-line answer or something more detailed?

Irrespective of whether you are going to offer life insurance, health insurance, or car insurance, make keyword intent and relevance your utmost priority. Then, choose the right keywords for an effective SEO strategy to achieve your goal.

SEO for each stage of the sales funnel

Your prospects will have evolving requirements and information as they move down your sales funnel. They will ask different questions, search for different topics, and expect different pieces of content based on their stage in your sales funnel. You can incorporate SEO throughout your entire lead generation funnel. Your sales funnel has 3 tiers namely:

  • Top of the funnel (ToF) or awareness stage
  • Middle of the funnel (MoF) or consideration stage
  • Bottom of the funnel (BoF) or retention stage

SEO for each stage of the sales funnel

Source – Artifex Marketing

You need to target the searches that are made at each tier of the sales funnel for marketing qualified leads vs. sales qualified leads differently.

A prospect at the top of the funnel may not even have any idea about insurance. They might be making generic searches such as “how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the 40s”, “chances of survival in a plane crash”, “mortality rate in the US military”, or “what makes driving riskier”.

Once you assist them in transition to the consideration phase, they’ll be actively looking for solutions like “life insurance agencies in California.” The prospect at this stage can be declared a marketing-qualified lead as they are ready to know about your services.

In simple words, there are different ways you might consider sounding more relevant to your audience in different stages of your sales funnel.

4. Design an effective content strategy

Setting up an effective content marketing strategy is the potential to attract, engage, and nurture your potential clients. A successful insurance lead generation strategy is driven by trust and authority. A practical content marketing approach fills this gap for your insurance agency. Below are some of the well-known perks that content marketing helps you leverage.


Leveraging content marketing

Source – SquareSpace

The best way to get leads for insurance is to offer solutions for different pain points of your prospects. Evaluate the type of problems your insurance business is intended to solve and develop your content strategy around it.

Relocation, immigration, bearing a child, getting into a new wedding, purchasing a new asset, and retirement, are some significant life events that come with a lot of emotional burdens and anxiety. The primary aspect that people consider as a solution is an insurance. This is where you join the frame as a savior. Help your prospects in finalizing their decision by offering clear and valuable guidance through your content.



Source – Fotolia

Featuring problem-solving content and guides is not the only way to engage insurance leads. Because of your relevance with the significant changes & upheavals in prospect’s life, you have another effective tactic that is storytelling.

Irrespective of their tone or intensity like funny, sentimental, or full of suspense, find the stories that hook the interest and portray them in different content formats. These content formats might be videos, vlogs, podcasts, or comics. Stories cast a notable impact on a person’s cognition. In reality, stories have the potential to alter the brain’s chemistry.

If you are unable to find the start point, consider not other than your own client base. Different insurance agencies have unleashed the power of portraying the journey of clients and life-changing experiences with their brand.

Lead magnets

When we talk about the vitality of valuable and informative content for generating insurance leads, we often aim at its tendency to hook and nurture prospects. But the fundamental aspect of setting up an effective lead gen engine is acquiring prospects who want to read your content.

lead magnet stats

Source – PeerToPeerMarketing

You need to capitalize on gated content by making it readable only for the prospects who enter their contact info. Gated content can be any sort of long-form content such as eBooks, case studies, guides, or most effective visual content like Webinars. Brand awareness is an essential way to hook qualified insurance leads in your lead conversion process.

5. Register your business on review sites

Another way to engage the right leads is to utilize the potential of review sites. Claim your listings on review sites using the expression and tone that matches your brand identity.

Refrain from dictating your customers. Requesting a positive review will let you ensure that you counter any negative narrative online with a more positive review of your loyal and satisfied clients.

Some people can spare time to rate and review your business online upon asking. Most of the time, these are unsatisfied customers who don’t rely on encouragement to post a review. Actively asking for positive reviews from the rest of your client base can help you improve your brand reputation. By doing so, you can unlock another gateway for qualified insurance leads. People often drive their decisions based on review.

6. Start a referral program

Your prospects are socially or professionally connected with other people who are using insurance services. In the insurance niche, you can leverage a set number of word-of-mouth recommendations.

However,  formulating a referral program gives people a much clearer decision-base to recommend your services in exchange for different perks or referral discounts.

Also, Do not oversee the potential of discount offers in the insurance niche. Offer a referral program that pay-back customers for soliciting your brand. These pay-backs can be financial incentives or discount offers. Assigning unique referral codes to your customers makes it easier to track referral sources and reward particular customers.

7. Social media campaigns for generating insurance leads

To generate demand for your insurance brand on social media, refrain from posting funny or irrelevant stuff just for the sake of posting. You need to sound mature and authentic throughout your social media strategy.

Keep your brand tone consistent. Is it soft? Straight-forward? educational? motivational? Inspiring? When your content portrays the natural tone of your brand, it makes your social media dominance much more strong.

The criteria for generating insurance leads efficiently is to determine which segments of your potential clients are on the particular social platform. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. For instance, if you are up for life insurance lead generation, your audience is most likely B2C. B2C audiences mostly spend their time on Facebook or Instagram. For health insurance lead generation you can target both B2C and B2B audiences (companies looking for health insurance for their employees). You can leverage LinkedIn to engage B2B insurance leads.

In simple words, you can target anyone platform or a combo of two, three, or four depending upon your target audience.

8. PPC or paid advertisement for insurance lead generation

Because paid advertising and SEO strategies both have perks and downsides that balance each other, the best way to get leads for insurance is to use a combo of both.

Luckily, many of your prospects fall inside your sales funnel after passing through your SEO and PPC campaigns. Start with your different audience segments, and prefer choosing high-intent keywords to bid for paid advertisement. With paid advertisement or PPC, you are charged against each click on your Ads. Therefore, you need to be more specific and target your leads at the middle or bottom of the sales funnel. It’s not a sane idea to engage the least qualified leads at the awareness stage with PPC campaigns.

Just like SEO, link each keyword with the right landing page that perfectly resonates with the keyword intent. To track the record of your ROI with paid advertisement, you need to set up performance metrics such as cost per click.

Once you are done with all the above steps, it’s time to further optimize your PPC campaign. Use PPC to hook fresh insurance leads. Turn your campaigns live by strategically covering high-intent keywords with relevant landing pages. Eliminate keywords and advertisements that fail to generate leads and cast a burden on your ROI. Take every step carefully as you will be paying for every click made by your prospects on your Ads.

9. Create customized and optimized lead generation landing pages

customised lead generation landing pages

Example of Landing Page for B2B Insurance Business (Source – Aflac)

One way to generate insurance leads effectively is to ensure that your page perfectly resonates with your search intent. Therefore, you need to develop a custom lead generation landing page that aligns with a particular set of keywords.

The objective behind setting up a custom landing page is simple – persuade your prospects to take action. The action can be everything from asking for an insurance quote, requesting a consultation, to signing up for an eBook or customer case study.

Your insurance lead generation landing page must feature compelling content like client stories, visuals, and your USPs. The aim is to push prospects to take the next step in their journey toward sales.

Assign each landing page a clearly defined and achievable goal based on the stage of prospect in your sales funnel and the next step you’d like them to take. Then, keep optimizing your landing page for a better conversion rate.

10. Evaluate and optimize

Data is a new oil. Capitalize on the data you have at your disposal. Optimize your sales funnel and lead generation efforts to boost your RoI. Keep a strict check on which campaigns, landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, and paid ads, are producing the higher conversions. Optimize and revamp which fail to perform up to your set benchmark or expectations.

Your data is really helpful in redefining and revamping your lead generation strategies, and the objective will become closer with every adjustment. Setting up performance metrics for all the above-mentioned strategies is vital, but keep in mind that your data is your primary tool in this regard. Use it correctly and you’ll start acquiring qualified insurance leads instantly.

11. Partner with decorated lead generation agencies

If you are finding it difficult to set up a lead generation funnel from scratch and lack a skilled employee base to achieve this goal. You must opt for a decorated lead generation agency with a proven record of running successful lead generation campaigns in your niche.

By investing in acquiring services of lead generation agencies for your insurance business, you basically leverage the right skill set, experience, and knowledge base of domain experts. It comes amidst zero chances of failure and better ROI.

Some of the significant benefits of choosing lead generation agencies include:

  • Access to the right talent
  • Faster growth
  • Better conversion rate
  • No More Cold Calling.
  • Shortened Sales Cycle
  • Incredible Brand Awareness
  • Zero risk of failure

Start by booking a consultation with renowned and authentic lead generation agencies like ScaleYourBiz and requesting a price quote and a complete roadmap of their lead generation strategy.


How much does an insurance lead cost?

Generally leads cost around $10 to $20 per lead. Whereas, the closing rate of insurance leads varies from 8% (best case) to 15% (worst case), depending on the type of insurance and efficiency of your lead generation funnel.

What is Health Insurance Lead?

Prospects who join your sales funnel while looking for health insurance are considered health insurance leads. They showcase their interest by downloading your eBook about health insurance or subscribing to a webinar session related to health insurance.

What is Life Insurance Lead?

Prospects who join your sales funnel while looking for life insurance are considered life insurance leads. They reveal their interest by engaging with your content in different ways. These engagements range from downloading your eBook about health insurance to subscribing to a webinar session related to health insurance.

How to buy insurance leads

The easiest way to assure a consistent flow of qualified insurance leads is to opting lead generation services of a lead gen agency like ScaleYourBiz. Lead generation agencies offer their services by creating and implementing an effective Insurance lead generation strategy for your business.


Since, individuals or businesses looking for health, life, auto, or business insurance make their decision based on their life events or even variations in the geopolitical economy. Insurance lead generation is much different from the lead generation practices in other domains. The above-mentioned steps and strategies can help you make a swift move towards a successful lead generation for your insurance business and improve ROI.

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