Top 21 Landing Page Examples to Take Inspiration from in 2022

landing page examples

What are the best Landing Page Examples that should help increase your revenue? 

But before that, what is a Landing Page? 

A landing page is a page within a website, developed with the sole objective of converting visitors into leads or sales prospects through a specific offer. It generally has a simpler design with few links, basic information about the offer, and a form to carry out the conversion.

It attracts customers through social networks, posts, blogs, and SEO positioning, which a digital marketing strategy involves. Converting visitors into customers is one of the topics least covered by professionals, and now we will tell you how this becomes a reality. 

Companies spend a lot of resources to attract potential customers to the company website or Facebook page. In the end, only a few of those visitors end up as customers. Many companies spend a lot of money not doing this properly.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a Web page that users will reach when they click on a specific publication or advertisement link. They are specifically designed to convert the visitors of these websites into leads.

Landing pages have the main function of attracting customers through the internet. Even so, they can be created for other purposes, including:

  1. Increase subscribers: An important function of landing pages is to increase subscribers, often done by signing up on an email list, eBooks, tutorials, etc. 
  2. Affiliate sales: Companies sell affiliate products as pages pinned to the menu. This seemed very curious to me, and it can be an effective way to improve your sales of affiliate products.
  3. Get them to contact you: Increasing the chances of contacting you through them is one of the most used options.
  4. Offer services and products: Selling products and services through one of them is usually very frequent since, in theory, they should convert more than any page on your website.
  5. Get leads: One of the most frequent objectives of a landing page is to generate leads through a contact form.
  6. Increase social media followers: Improving social bookmarks and increasing your followers can be another function.
  7. Video views: Conversions through a video and then converting through various aforementioned methods.

21 Landing Page Examples to take Inspiration from in 2022

1. Mettle

Mettle’s landing page is specifically developed to take your email id and apply for a new business credit card.

Secondly, there are several places where you can have visitor email addresses are collected via pop-up windows, which are then used to build a free subscription that allows them access to some seriously amazing bargains on luxury holidays and hotels. Secret Escapes

2. Bark

For floral arrangements in London, UK, Bark is the place to go. Their one-click landing page makes it easy to get started. If you’re looking for a tangible item that can’t be sent, you’ll need to know your zip code before you begin your search.

3. Netflix

Many consumers wind up paying for premium services or affiliations they don’t even use due to a lack of ability to unsubscribe. I’m not sure, but I’m confident there is at least one solution.

4. Airbnb

This kind of enticing personalization is rare to find, which is why Airbnb always wins it with their landing pages.

5. WWF

It’s easy to get inclined to adopt an animal through the World Wide Fund for Nature (previously known as the World Wide Fund for Nature). Exploiting that so many people are “engrained to recognize faces” elicits an emotional response from individuals who see the exhibit.

6. Union

When searching for a home recently, you may have come across Union Home’s ad on Google. We felt it was necessary to discuss how this particular one evokes an emotion among visitors and adds a touch of personalization.

7. Wix

Wix employs several ingenious methods to ensure visitors click through into becoming new leads on their one-click landing page.

8. Petplan

Landing page for a “No.1” pet insurance firm, meant to get people to sign up and safeguard their dogs. As well as effective language, the landing page does not rely solely on that to convey its message.

9. Yopa

If you’re in the market to buy, sell, rent, or lease a home, Yopa’s click landing page could be one you come across. The landing pages (and site’s) serene blue color scheme was created to promote a feeling of calmness and tranquility, much as the Wix website’s usage of blue to simplify the customer experience.

10. Uber

Work times adaptability has been included in the headline, which relates to a prevalent user issue. A clear and concise copy is used.

11. LinkedIn

Perhaps one of the striking examples of lead generation through landing pages, the social media platform does it really well and there’s a lot to learn here.

12. Blue Forest Farms

This slick landing page for retail hemp oil extracts features a contemporary and, shall we mention, sophisticated attitude. This business asks to be considered seriously, and the minimalist design and powerful writing do just that.

13. Lyft

In the headline, use particular, precise text to catch the reader’s attention.

14. LeanBox

In the headline, a frequent problem is addressed concisely. Visitors will find it easier to stay on the site if there is not much distracting text involved. The text is simple and offers a solution right away.

15. Squarespace

The combination of clean design and simple writing creates a visually appealing experience. The credibility of the business is established through the use of banner copy.

16. Shopify

The site visitor’s objective is communicated in the title and subtitle. Shopify clients are shown what they can produce and how their shop works on any phone using the graphical design.

17. Apple

Apple’s advertising and aesthetic usage of blank space are unparalleled in the computer sector. This may be seen in the design of their landing page. Each section of the landing page can be unlocked by swiping left or right on the screen. When it is used properly, the scroll’s dynamic qualities are what give it its potency.

18. Miro

The value of Miro’s service is communicated to potential customers through an initial featured image and ensuing graphics.

19. Slack

There’s just enough material on their landing page for the viewer to get the gist about what the service is, its capabilities, and its credibility.

20. Wise

Simply put, it’s the best way to get your message across without needing to browse any further than this page. You feel like you’re part of the action.

Good 404 Landing Page Examples

1. Pixar

If you’ve ever had to deal with a 404 page that speaks the emotion and puts a smile on your face, this is the one. We cannot stress enough how important it is to touch down with your users and here is a perfect example of it.

2. Netflix

You may check out a Lost in Space-themed page on Netflix. It’s an excellent match for the page’s audience, given why they’re here. The big CTA box in the center, Netflix Home, is the most important item to spot here.

3. TripAdvisor

Copywriters make a sarcastic remark about the webpage being on vacation. In keeping with the travel site’s brand, this urges the user to grab their passport and get going.

Effective Thank You Landing Pages Examples

1. Apple

Bottom of Apple’s thank-you page, there’s a “Tell us what you think” box. In the absence of anything else, you’ll be able to use the information you’ve gathered to increase your conversion rates. When consumers are satisfied, they do not always fill out the feedback form, but they are more likely to do so when unhappy.

2. CMI

Download links and suggestions for additional on-site material are used by the Content Marketing Institute in their Thank You Pages.

3. Wines from Grimont

There aren’t any issues at all! Confirmation is clear, and the language is brief and well-organized.

How do you create a Landing Page?

Title and Subtitle

The title and subtitle of a landing page are usually the most viewed items. These should be at the very least four times larger. 

This means that these elements must convey, clearly and directly, the value proposition of your offer. The main tip at this point is not to be generic, to make clear, specifically and in a few words, the offer and its value proposition.


Forms are popular on landing pages, where an exchange will take place: the visitor, in exchange for their offer, will leave personal information, such as name, email, company where they work, etc.

As for optimizing conversion rates, the form is often where the quick wins are, that is, something easy to alter (add or remove fields). Depending on the page, the increase in conversions can be huge.

An example of this is a test we did by removing the “phone” field from the Landing Pages of our materials, as it was information that we did not use at that time. That brought us a 167% conversion increase.

Next, we will give some tips to choose the fields of a form in a Landing Page:

  • Only ask for useful information for your company, that is, if they will be used for any contact with the Lead, qualification of those contacts for sales, etc.
  • The form must be consistent with the offer and the size of the page. For example, if it were a direct offer (request for a quote, free test, etc.), the page must be convincing and sufficient to make the visitor fill in the required information, especially if the form had many fields.


Call-To-Action is just what you expect the visitor to do on your website.

For example, if your offer is an eBook, the call to action will be something like “Download eBook,” if your offer were a conversation with a specialist, it would be “Talk to a specialist.”

Be specific on that call: don’t put too vague terms on the buttons, like “Send” or “Register.” Use the CTA to reinforce the value proposition so that, after filling out the form, the visitor feels motivated and satisfied to opt for your company’s offer.

Another important point here is about the position of Call-To-Action. If your offer is complex, where it is necessary to provide a lot of information to clarify all possible doubts that may prevent the visitor from taking action, it should be lower on the page. If it is simpler, like an eBook or webinar, the CTA (and the form) can be among the elements that appear when the page is loaded.


You know what they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That is valid on a landing page.

Just as a good image, which reflects well the offer’s value proposition, helps in the conversion, a generic image that goes against the purpose of the texts can also negatively influence it.

Some tips are:

Use the image that reflects your offer. Avoid generalizing “stock images” that could negatively influence the conversion.

Choose this in the case of software or products and offers that can be displayed somehow. Display software tabs and parts of the webinar/eBook to convey credibility about the offering.

How to Optimize Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Now that you know what landing page optimization is, it’s time to get down to business. The zero-step is choosing the tools you will use to measure landing page performance and A / B testing variances. Next, you will have to follow six steps that will allow you to optimize your landing pages and transform them into conversion machines.

  •         Understand how visitors behave on the page through conversion and bounce rates metrics. You can do this using heat maps, session replay, and web analytics.
  •         Check that your landing page follows general best practices.
  •         Make sure your ad copy is in the same language and tone as your landing page.
  •         Make a hypothesis about how you can improve the page. For example, suppose a significant number of visitors start filling out the form and abandon it in the middle. In that case, your hypothesis might be that reducing the number of fields will increase the conversion rate.
  •         Create a different version of your page and put it to the test with an A/B test.
  •         Deploy the winning version and repeat these steps over and over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a landing page include?

It should contain clear and concise information about the company’s services/products as well as a call-to-action in order to arouse the viewer’s interest. Often visuals, text copy, and design play a key role.

What are the different types of landing pages?

There are several types, which include Squeeze Page, Click-Through, Product Details Page, Video Landing Page, and Long-Form Landing Page.

How can I make my landing page attractive?

It’s important to determine your goal, create a visually appealing layout and ad copy that is relevant to the theme and tone of your business. The text should spark an interest among viewers.

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