The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation with Gamification

Gamifying lead generation is intended to turn a mainstream & usual process of lead generation into a fun-oriented activity. Mainstream lead generation is a rather boring and mundane task. This is where your prospects get a sense of insecurity while providing their demographic and contact info.

Generating leads through gamification has changed the entire makeup of the mainstream lead-generating process, making it more engaging and interactive for customers. For instance, different types of online quizzes or puzzles, a particular type of lead generation gamification ideas.

What is gamification? 

Simply put, gamification offers an interactive, exciting, and fun-oriented CX for your prospects, It unlocks a unique opportunity to gather valuable lead data from each prospect. It helps you boost your lead generation ROI through gamification, engage your visitors effectively, and encourage them to share their contact info. This lead data can be used for lead nurturing and sales conversion efforts throughout the buyers’ journey.

How can gamification be used to generate leads? 

A gratifying lead generation is a remarkable approach to keeping prospects engaged and intact throughout the sales process. For instance, if someone refrains from making a click on your landing page CTA and avoids giving his/her contact info, you can turn this lead generation process into an interactive and engaging activity for your prospects. It will help you reduce your bounce rate and boost your conversion rates significantly. The lead data you start getting from your highly saturated sales funnel is then used for lead nurturing and outbound marketing efforts. Some of the notable benefits of generating leads through gamification include:

  • Better audience engagement
  • Strengthen your value proposition for prospects
  • Streamline lead generation
  • Collect gigantic lead data
  • Unlock new lead nurturing avenues
  • Enhance brand awareness campaign

Sales gamification and lead generation

Games initiate a chain reaction of dopamine production, a catecholamine responsible for giving delightful and pleasurable feelings to our brain. According to the research, people are more likely to respond in the affirmative to any event or demand they encounter in a positive mood. It means sales gamification can help you capitalize on this opportunity by engaging prospects and acquiring their contact info. Sales gamification doesn’t promise to directly convert your prospects into customers but helps you outrun your competition and boost conversion.

The different types of games that can be used to generate leads 

Spin the Wheel

Generate leads through gamification

Games like wheel spin are based on random probability sampling and boost engagement by persuading the audience to participate and win exciting prizes or special offers. These special offers include perks like same-day shipping, X percent discounts, buy one get one free offer, etc. You can use wheel spin to generate leads through gamification by asking visitors to provide their contact info to join in the game.


Generate leads through gamification  

A Gamification quiz is another remarkable way to generate leads through gamification. A gamification quiz has shown promising results in improving engagement and gathering gamification leads for a range of businesses. It works by letting your prospects test their knowledge or IQ and evaluate their personality traits by answering different Multiple Choice Questions one by one. 

Scratch to win

Generate leads through gamification

This is another one of the most promising lead generation gamification ideas. Your prospects will never dodge the opportunity to win exciting prizes by just scratching the ticket and giving their contact info in return. Similar to a wheel spin game, scratch-to-win tickets convert your cold audience into hot leads by offering them different discount offers or prizes: 

Tips for using gamification to generate leads 

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the first step in setting up an effective gamifying lead generation process. For instance, you cannot offer teddy bears as a prize to your adult audience. Therefore, it is necessary to create a buyer persona for your business and craft your gamification lead generation strategy that matches your buyer persona.

Learn how to create a buyer persona for your business

2. Make it user friendly

The game you are going to deploy for generating gamification leads must be interactive and easy to use. Keep in mind, that you are going to target website visitors with varying degrees of age groups and interests. The main purpose is to generate leads through gamification. Make your games user-friendly and easy to understand by all age groups. You cannot afford to miss the leads by deploying a complex game your prospects fail to crack.

3. Make it Fun & interactive 

Fun is the primary reason behind all gamification quizzes and other gamifying lead generation strategies. You have to make your CX more engaging, fun-oriented, exciting, and interactive. Use colorful themes and creative ideas to turn this process of generating leads through gamification into an exciting rollercoaster.

4. Make it Time Sensitive to create urgency 

To engage your website visitors quickly, consider making your gamification quiz or puzzle a limited-time offer. It will create a sense of urgency and your prospects will never want to miss a chance of winning exciting prizes or delaying this delightful offer. Another way to create a sense of urgency is to offer extra perks to the early birds.

5. Offer incentives/Rewards on completion

The most effective way to encourage your visitors to participate in your gamification quiz is to offer incentives or rewards on completion. Your prospects want more than just fun to invest their valuable time while playing your games. You can offer a range of rewards like free delivery, same-day delivery, discount offers, promotional offers, or buy one get one free offer, in exchange for their time and lead data.

6. Promote it on your social media

Do not neglect the potential of social media. Promote your games or gamification quizzes on social media to boost engagement. Your social media audience specifically on Instagram and Facebook is ready to utilize their time in fun-oriented activities. Therefore, you can divert them to your website by offering exciting games. Engage them and gather their information to nurture and convert them into sales.

7. Follow up with participants 

Don’t forget to send follow-up emails to your participants and ask for their feedback. It will help you optimize and improve your lead generation gamification ideas.

Example of Gamification Campaign 

Example 1

Generate leads through gamification

The above scratch-to-win game example by Gwynnie Bee is intended to give rewards to their customer’s loyal customers. It will not only help you generate fresh gamification leads but retain your existing customers and encourage them to advocate for your brand.

Example 2

Generate leads through gamification

The US military is willing to showcase its arsenal and weapons with its POV battlefield-type gameplay. The game is intended to encourage youngsters to opt for a decorated career by applying for military recruitment. This is an example of the actual game available on Steam and it requires an overwhelming budget expenditure to generate leads through gamification.

Example 3

Generate leads through gamification

A language learning platform Duolingo has incorporated an interactive gamification example for mobile users. It can turn the learning process into a more engaging and fun-oriented activity. It also sends reminder notifications to the abandoned users for reengagement.

Example 4

Generate leads through gamification

This annual gamification concept has boosted the demand generation strategy for McDonald’s significantly. The notable perk is that anyone can join the contest by making a purchase from their nearest McDonald’s and collecting game pieces. These game pieces are the stickers that you strip off your McDonald’s food package. 

Example 5

Generate leads through gamification

The aforementioned example of gamifying lead generation by an eCommerce brand is remarkable. The purpose is to engage visitors and encourage them to make a purchase. Spin-the-wheel game is known to produce promising results when it comes to generating leads through gamification. You also calculate stats for different spin outcomes and optimize your gamification lead generation campaign by making necessary changes.


If you want to turn your boring lead generation process into a delightful and exciting journey, you need to consider generating leads through gamification. It will not only help you generate fresh gamification leads but also help you retain your existing customers & improve brand awareness for your business. The outcomes of different games played by participants can offer valuable insights into engagement rates, audience behavior, interests, etc. You can leverage these insights to further optimize your gamifying lead generation campaigns.

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