Lead Nurturing Email Examples

As a lead generation specialist, you will second this idea that a real struggle starts once a prospect turns into a lead by exchanging its email address.

If you want your leads to remain intact with your brand, you must keep nurturing your leads to boost the relationship and ensure re-engagement. Going through some impactful lead nurturing email examples is a remarkable way to get a rich understanding of the Lead nurturing email sequence. 

Lead nurturing involves developing and strengthening relationships. Once you hook your prospects, you need to fuel your relationship with them. This is where Lead nurturing becomes instrumental. 

Once a prospect becomes a paying customer, people often abandon their Lead nurturing efforts. This is not a fruitful practice.

Once your Lead turns into a customer, you need to continuously nurture your relationship with them for re-engagement purposes and aftersales experience. Experts claim that there is no end to a practical and fruitful lead generation funnel. Consider Lead nurturing as a lead nurturing email cyclic process that keeps repeating. 

What does it require to set up an effective lead nurturing email strategy? Go through some effective Lead nurture email examples in this article and find some effective ways to nurture your leads. 

11 Lead Nurturing Email Examples That You Can Use for Your Business

1. Litmus

Consider this Lead nurture email example of Litmus. A triggered email message like the one promises to ensure a 70% higher engagement rate & over 200% greater click frequency compared to mainstream emails. For instance, when you leverage your prospects’ behavior who engage with content related to email marketing, trigger their interests further by pushing a relevant email based on their action.

 Lead nurture email examples

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is committed to adding to its prospects’ journey by sending recommendation emails based on their booking schedules. Recommendation emails are intended to recommend relevant content, products, or services that serve the users’ interest based on their stage or actions in your sales funnel. Consider the following Airbnb lead nurturing email example below.

Lead nurture email examples

3. JetBlue

JetBlue has crafted an engaging email that aims to re-engage existing customers. This Lead nurturing email aims to ensure customers always remember and prefer JetBlue whenever they are ready to book a flight.

Lead nurture email examples

4. Netflix

Netflix is the renowned OTP service that experiences a churn rate of over 3% as many users use to abandon the service for different reasons. These reasons include loss of interest or spending time elsewhere. In such a scenario, an effective lead nurture email specifically designed for re-engagement purposes is the effective way to consider. This is what Netflix actually does:

Lead nurture email examples

5. Leadpages

One of the remarkable perks of SaaS products is that your service will continue to evolve and improve over time. To experience new features and utilities, customers don’t need to reinstall the latest versions. Leadpages communicate its new updates and latest features to its user base to keep them engaged and interested.

Lead nurture email examples

6. Wealthsimple 

People generally incorporate storytelling in their comprehensive landing pages, testimonials, blog content, or videos. But, it doesn’t mean you have to strict this idea to some selective platforms. Wealthsimple showcase an engaging story using a single image and impactful headline. Consider the example below:

Lead nurture email examples

7. Moo

This Lead nurture email example by MOO shares all necessary ingredients from engaging email copy to appealing visuals to hook prospects. This kind of email is a bit difficult to craft but having a skilled designer on board and access to high-end graphic designing tools is enough to design the one below. Just ensure you include the relevant brand tone and content in your email copy to leverage the most perks.

Lead nurture email examples

8. Seatfrog

Seatfrog is an app that enables its users to bid on empty First Class seats on Virgin Trains. Seatfrog sends an aesthetic email to its subscribers and different CTAs to follow on social media platforms and share the service with friends or family members.

Lead nurture email examples

9. Fitbit

You can utilize some effective Lead nurture email examples to craft your own emails to market your products and brand. Fitbit markets its new or upcoming products by leveraging lead nurture emails and updating its email subscribers about its new products and its latest features. It also offers a pre-order CTA to convert leads into paying customers.

Lead nurture email examples

10. Apple

Who neglects the need to have a practical and appealing Apple watch? Apple stresses its users on a need to buy new Apple watches by sending engaging lead nurture emails with multiple CTAs.

Lead nurture email examples

11. CrashPlan

CrashPlan is a cloud service that secures your valuable files and offers enterprise-scale data protection at affordable prices to individuals and SMBS. It spreads its message that stresses the need for a CrashPlan Plus subscription via Lead nurturing mail sequence.

Lead nurture email examples


The lead nurture and Lead nurturing email examples are enough to give you a rich how-know about how to craft an engaging and impactful lead nurturing email for your business. Always use the right brand tone, color themes, and visuals to impact your email marketing efforts significantly. Never forget to place necessary CTAs to convert your leads into customers strategically. 

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