How to Generate Leads Through LinkedIn (6 Strategies that Work)

linkedin lead generation

The world of social media marketing is getting complex day by day, with options emerging as we speak, we need to understand how social media marketing and lead generation strategies have evolved and we need to choose the ones most suitable to our business needs.

Another thing to note here is that due to saturation in the market we need to find new ways to reach out to our target audience for generating leads through forms because of comprehensive strategies. This is where LinkedIn steps in and differentiates itself as one of the most effective platforms for lead generation in today’s digital world.

What is LinkedIn Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a very important topic when it comes to marketing your goods and services in the B2B sector and how you nurture those leads. Given its ever-transforming nature and the introduction of LinkedIn as one effective platform for lead generation.

We suggest that before you take on this journey you must seek the support and guidance of industry experts who will help you develop an all-encompassing social media strategy focused on LinkedIn to make the most of your lead generation strategies and achieve the best results.

Now talking about lead generation, especially about LinkedIn encompasses all the actions and activities that you as a business owner will take to develop a pool of potential customers who might be interested in the product or service that you are offering.

In LinkedIn lead generation different tools and tactics are employed depending on the required outcome. Here we will not only reflect on these different tools and strategies but will also highlight how they must be leveraged to derive the utmost benefits from using LinkedIn as a lead generation platform.

Benefits of LinkedIn Lead Generation

Let us look at the benefits and advantages that LinkedIn provides for your lead generation activities over other platforms.

  1. A plethora of Active Users
  2. Presence of B2B Audience
  3. Price Effectiveness – More for Less
  4. Better ROI and End Results
  5. Audience with Purchasing Power

Now we will discuss and elaborate on these benefits to further develop these strengths LinkedIn lead generation and why you should opt for it.

A Plethora of Active Users

LinkedIn has over 700 million users, out of which more than 53% use that platform daily not just by logging in but also by carrying out some activity. Also, on average more than 48% of the users log in at least once a month. These activity numbers reflect well on how to receptive your audience would be when you opt for lead generation through LinkedIn.

Presence of B2B Audience and Targeting

LinkedIn is comprised of an audience from the B2B sector. It offers options that go down right to the basic demographics and are very specific such as job title, function, and even seniority when targeting your ads towards your audience. It comes quite handy when you are generating leads for your small business since you have the option to select the company size you want to target for your lead ads.

Price Effectiveness – More for Less

The pricing strategy of LinkedIn might seem on the higher side at first when we are talking about cost per click (CPC). But when you compare it in terms of cost per conversion, it comes down to being less than what other competitors are offering because the conversion rate for LinkedIn marketing tactics is nearly double than what the next competitor is offering.

Better ROI and End Results

Big names in the industry and conclusive research have proven that in the year 2019 – 2020, over 70% of the leads generated in the B2B industry using a digital platform came from LinkedIn. This number itself not only talks about the potential of LinkedIn but also highlights how effective it is in delivering results as well as reaching out to your target market.

Audience with Purchasing Power

Over 26% of lending users are involved in making important processing and purchasing decisions for their companies that have a strategic impact on their company’s direction. Multiply this number by the number of active users and you have more than 100 million senior-level professionals from the top companies in the world waiting for you to reach out to them to offer your product or service for fulfilling their needs.

How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn?

Follow the laid down steps to generate maximum leads via LinkedIn and reach out to your B2B customer segment :

Ensure maximum senior executive activity

Your employee profiles are the face of your company when it comes to LinkedIn. They are the first introduction of your company and its product or services to the public. Their interactions help build your brand. Look at the example below of Sallie Krawcheck , CEO Ellevest. She is using her profile to build the brand for her investment company.


Source: LinkedIn

Develop a strong LinkedIn Page for your company

An active and strong LinkedIn page of your company is a step towards generating leads. Not only does it provide an overview of your services and products, but it also provides a platform for specific information that you want to put out. The example below explains the idea further.


Source: LinkedIn

Keep your page active

Creating a page is not enough. The next step is posting relevant updates and content to develop market engagement. You need to deploy a push strategy to put outposts and articles, that will attract your target audience and generate a lead.

Become part of relevant groups

Join groups to interact with similar business owners and learn more about your target market.


Source: LinkedIn

Deploy paid marketing tools

As the next step in line, use paid marketing tools offered by LinkedIn for B2B marketing. These tools like SalesLoft and LeadFeeder, produce great results and have proven to increase lead generation.

Maintain your activity levels

Now that leads would start coming in, you must keep up with the efforts you have made to reach out to your B2B customers. Keep on posting and interacting with your market. Rely on interesting content that will garner market interest.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

LinkedIn provides a multitude of adoptions for lead generation. All these lead to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. These firms stand out due to their prefilled nature. They are filled with a potential lead’s accurate data, extracted from their LinkedIn profile. Not only that, but using these forms also provides access to a campaign manager dashboard that helps you determine cost per lead as well as segment-wise data.


Source: LinkedIn

6 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

Let us now look at the top strategies for generating leads via LinkedIn.

Make the Most of Advertising Options

Leverage the advertising tools offered by LinkedIn. They are there to help and produce leads with high conversion leads.

Reach out to Profile Visitors

Contact individuals who have visited your profile on LinkedIn. They are maybe a potential lead and reaching out will increase the conversion rate.

Engaging Content

Post content that requires action. This will increase engagement and help you reach out to potential B2B clients.

Create Posts that Boost Conversion

Your posts should invite the audience to take an action make a purchase or place an order. They can revolve around customer reviews or how your product serves the customer’s needs.

Ask for Help

Your colleagues and employees are your strength. Ask them to share your content and engage.

Join LinkedIn Groups

This may seem repetitive, but it is one of the most effective strategies. Groups bring similar people together and put your target market in one place.


Having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for generating leads is the first step when it comes to B2B marketing using online platforms. With so many lead generation options including Facebook and Google, there are dozens of avenues for businesses to test. But business owners must not focus on the glitz and glam of it all, but rather give weight to the outcomes, ease of use, and how the available options will help you in reaching out to your target market.

A thorough analysis of all these factors combined with strong business acumen will help you derive the maximum benefit from LinkedIn marketing in the form of convertible leads.

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