Pay-Per-Call Advertising: A Complete Guide

You want to increase sales quickly, right?

Increasing your company’s revenue starts with discovering new channel partners.

Calls are charged at a rate per minute.

It is possible to improve profits through affiliate marketing, but not all relationships work the same way.

Having partners who know how to drive incoming calls becomes increasingly critical.

You’ll also need a good grasp of pay-per-call advertising to discover these partners.

Exactly how your present affiliates are generating many calls to your sales staff?

Does your company’s pay-per-call advertising follow the industry’s recommended best practices?

Those questions and more are in our comprehensive guide to pay-per-call advertising, which you can find below.

What is PPC advertising?

When a customer clicks on a publisher’s link to go to a company’s landing page, the publisher receives a fee from the advertiser or affiliate.

Take a closer look at pay-per-call.

Regarding pay-per-call (PPC) affiliate marketing, businesses pay networks or publishers to generate phone calls that result in customers making a purchase.

Customers are encouraged to contact the brand through the affiliates’ communications, commercials, blogs, and social media posts.

When the brand pays the affiliate a commission for delivering the call leads directly to the company.

Pay-per-click advertising is a popular way for many companies to boost traffic through affiliates.

Instead of a website click or a form submission, the final result of pay-per-call advertising is a phone call.

Ads That Generate Calls for a Fee

Pay-per-call networks and affiliates aren’t the only options available to businesses.

Search engines like Google and Bing and online phone directories like the Yellow Pages are popular places to advertise.

The phone number link takes precedence in these circumstances.

It is possible to increase affiliate income and fast create many leads (and revenues) with pay-per-call campaigns. It is also possible to enhance call volume via various marketing platforms, like PPCall.

Which kinds of companies stand to gain?

It’s a good technique for firms that book appointments or sell things over the phone.

Tow truck businesses, locksmiths, and other home service providers are examples. Any firm that relies on incoming phone calls can benefit from PPCall advertising.

Comparing the benefits and drawbacks of pay-per-call advertising with traditional advertising models. Pay-per-call marketing and advertising have their advantages and disadvantages.

It has the advantage of being reasonably priced.

A single ad or content can generate thousands of leads for an affiliate.

Pay-per-click advertising does not consistently deliver the best outcomes.


There is a difference between a user clicking away from a website and making a phone call, which indicates that the buyer is genuinely interested in acquiring the goods or service.

A salesperson has an easier time closing a transaction with consumers who call because they show more interest in the product or service.

Conversion rates are more significant with pay-per-click methods because of this.

Another advantage is that customers can call a specific phone number provided to the affiliate to reach the company. That makes it considerably easy to track the source of leads.

There are drawbacks to this approach, as there are to all online marketing plans.

Because of the more excellent PPCall commissions than PPC, marketers can afford to pay out more to their affiliates.

To ensure that you’re getting calls from the proper people, you’ll need to monitor and track your data.

Another consideration is the requirement to train your call center properly.

Client retention is critical for your sales team. Therefore they must be well-trained in handling calls and maintaining customer engagement. No matter what you sell, it will take time to clinch the deal with your customer.

You should call and test your IVR system a few times to ensure that it works and is user-friendly if you or your affiliates utilize an IVR system (interactive voice response).

Adopting Pay Per Call Advertising’s Most Effective Techniques

Here are the best practices to get the most from your PPC advertising program.

  1. Establish Clearly Defined Objectives
    Included in your objective might be keeping track of the number of appointments you schedule each month and whether or not those numbers rise or fall over time. Determining the proportion of people who schedule appointments but fail to attend those appointments.
  2. Examining and tracking MQLs versus SQLs.
    SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) are potential clients who have shown a strong interest in and are prepared to purchase as a result of your affiliate program.MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) can be helpful if you’re looking for clients. Even though SQLs are more valuable, it is essential to evaluate BOTH metrics to see how your affiliates are performing.Define your objectives precisely so you can devise a strategy for tracking and analyzing your progress toward achieving them.
  3. Determine Who You’re Trying to Reach
    You must be aware of who you’re trying to reach.Identifying your ideal customer’s sex, age, earning potential, and geographic location are all critical first steps in creating an effective marketing strategy.To discover affiliates who can reach your target audience, you’ll need to specify who it is you’re trying to get.
  4. Decide on Your Call-Generation Strategy.
    A combination of online and offline call generation is achievable through affiliates.A customer must dial your phone number to make an offline call. The customer can click to call while making an online call.
  5. Make Sure You’re Working with the Right Partners
    You’ll need the correct affiliates to see the best outcomes.The best places to find potential consumers are those with a similar target demographic to yours. It’s not a goal to get everyone to listen.
  6. Observe the Outcomes
    It’s imperative that you keep track of your results and share them with your affiliates, as well.You can maximize your return on investment by determining where your companions are falling short and ensuring that their goals align with yours.

Warning Signs to Keep an Eye Out For

There are some warning signs to keep an eye out for a while tracking the performance of a pay-per-call advertising campaign.

  • If there are many sales calls, it’s a sign of a scam, and an investigation should begin. You’ll be able to see where the calls came from and whether the company gained any new clients.
  • Check out whether one affiliate is qualifying too many leads. It could be a sign of dishonesty or a scam. Make sure you keep an eye out for a particular fellow who looks to be generating a tonne of leads from a single advertising campaign.
  • Ensure you’re not overdoing it when conducting promotions or offering incentives to boost traffic. You may not get the full benefit of promotional incentives if they eat into your bottom line.

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