Implementing Successful Pinterest Lead Generation Strategies

Pinterest Lead Generation Strategy

You’ve most certainly tried different platforms and strategies to fuel your sales funnel with hot leads, including social media platforms, Google Ads, SEO, webinars, etc.

But there is another often overlooked and undermined platform that you refrained from choosing, and it’s Pinterest. Pinterest lead generation strategies are known to produce promising results for SMBs as well as enterprise-grade companies.

Unlike mainstream social media platforms, Pinterest is structured and functions very differently compared to the entities like Facebook or Instagram. In fact, Pinterest is more like Google as its users explore and leverage it just like Google. They type a search query and interact with the results that match their search intent and appear at the top of search results.

The primary difference is that Pinterest search results are not driven by complex metrics like domain authority, bounce rate, backlinks, and others that you would find associated with the search results populating Google. On the contrary, Pinterest’s algorithm prioritizes freshly produced content over outdated ones, making it a perfect utility for businesses that already incorporate content marketing in any format.

Pinterest entertains over 450 million users monthly. Out of which, 80% of these users access the platform using their mobile devices or smartphones. 

Below is the breakdown of its user demographics.


Pinterest is mainly dominated by female users as over 80% of its users are females.

Although, 1 out of 2 new accounts is identified as male. But male users contribute only 10% of the total pins.


In the US, Pinterest experiences around 50% of adults below 35 monthly, followed by the second most dominant age group that exists between 30 to 49 years.


The Pinterest user base is spread across the continents as more than 50% of all Pinterest users are based outside the United States and belong to different countries.

Financial Status

Around 50% of the Pinterest audience earns over $50k annually. Whereas, 10% of these users earn over $125k. It means Pinterest’s audience is more likely to be active consumers.

Millennials consider Pinterest a significant platform for shopping. Over 45% of Millennials have bought something they’ve pinned. A number is significantly higher than on Facebook & Instagram. Around 20% of Active users make a Pinterest-influenced purchase at least once a month.

Audiences on Pinterest are normally more welcoming to branded content, even if some of the pins they come across are promoted pins. Promoted pins are the alternative Paid Ads on Pinterest. Statistically, around 60% of Pinterest users claimed they came across new brands in the form of promoted pins. Whereas, half of these users turned into customers after getting inspired by the pins.

Pinterest can help you in becoming inclusive with creativity and visual ideas. It can serve any business but businesses linked with food, photography, filmmaking, interior designing, travel, auto industry, etc can find it more practical.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how businesses can leverage Pinterest lead generation strategies to generate more leads and drive more conversions.

5 Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Use on Pinterest

Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Use on Pinterest

Strategy 1 – Generating Traffic 

Pins offer your brand visibility by improving your organic reach against search results. Therefore, it is mandatory to optimize your pin descriptions by incorporating the right and relevant keywords in your industry.

Local businesses can also leverage local SEO keywords to boost their brand visibility. For instance, if a user in Los Angeles is looking for a lawn care service, target keywords like “Best lawn care service in LA”.


You will definitely unlock remarkable opportunities for your business growth by ensuring your presence on Pinterest. Results can be extraordinary if your competitors are not using Pinterest for local SEO.

Strategy 2 – Using Pinterest Advertising for Lead Generation

Pinterest introduced its own version of Paid Ads and calls it promoted pins. This feature allows you to target particular locations and customers with particular interests & demographics to present your products or services.

Pinterest Advertising for Lead Generation

Promoted pins follow the same (pay-per-click) PPC structure just like Google Ads with a user-defined daily budget and period. It means You only have to pay Pinterest for your promoted pins if someone clicks your pin. Using Pinterest’s interactive dashboard, you can monitor and optimize your promotional campaigns with the passage of time.

Pinterest lead generation ads need you to be authentic with your promoted pins. In other words, it is recommended to promote pins with the right intent and relevant content as you will be charged for every single click on your pin. If you are not authentic with the pins you promote, you may end up exacerbating your ROI in the longer run.

Before jumping on a bandwagon to promote one pin after the other, evaluate your analytics to determine which pins are already gaining attention. If any pin experiences a lot of clicks and attention, promoting it helps you boost engagement by leveraging the Pinterest lead generation ads model.

It is also recommended to explore some effective Pinterest ad formats. You can add different specs, details, and content and use different Pinterest ad formats that serve your needs.

A/B or split testing with Pinterest lead generation ads (promoted pins) is another effective way to optimize your Pinterest ad format and its content. You can choose different images for the same offer or intent and run two parallel ad campaigns. You can also use different variations of pin descriptions and keywords if you fail to make an impact with your Pinterest lead generation ads. 

Always remember, if you are unable to discover what serves you best, promoted pins are an effective way to evaluate your Pinterest lead generation strategy. But be extra careful with your pin descriptions and keywords, as it might significantly impact your ROI.

Strategy 3 – Using SEO for Optimization 

Evaluating and optimizing Pinterest’s SEO lead generation strategy is vital for any new business. Pinterest users are unable to discover your brand just by searching for the keywords you incorporate in your profile name and description.

Pinterest allows profile names longer than any other platform including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Crack this opportunity and incorporate as many relevant keywords as you can.

Use SEO for Pinterest Lead generation Optimization

For instance, if you are a lead generation business you can include keywords like “lead generation Agency,” or “lead generation experts” with your brand name.

Strategy 4 – Using Rich Pins 

All social media platforms allow different sizes for posts that suit their layout. For instance, Facebook is best for landscape as well as portrait posts. Whereas Instagram, recommends photos with equal dimensions. Whereas, on Pinterest, it is preferable to use vertical posts with extended lengths for better engagement.

Pinterest rich pins

You can try different lengths based on your content and other requirements, but Pinterest recommends posts with an aspect ratio of 2:3 like 800 by 1200 pixels.

You can use different Pinterest lead generation strategies to enrich your extended-length pins and hook hot leads for your business. You can leverage rich pins through:

Blog Posts

One way to improve your Pinterest SEO lead generation strategy is to consider blog post pins with a catchy headline and sub-title that persuade users to read your blogs. You can include HQ stock images with relevant text and strategically place your CTA to encourage clicks.

scaleyourbiz lead generation content marketing

Ensure that your pin directly lands your leads to a particular blog post. For instance, if your pin’s headline is “How to generate leads using content marketing”, it must redirect users to an article or blog post exactly like the example below:

Lead Generation Pages

Similarly, you can articulate pins that redirect your prospects right to a lead generation page. Just like blog pins, ensure that whatever hides behind your pin must relate to the particular pin that your audience clicks on.

For instance, if your pin is having the title “Digital Marketing Events for Entrepreneurs & Startups”, the landing page you offer your audience must serve the intent of the pin, like a CTA to register for an event. See the example below:

scaleyourbiz Digital Marketing Events for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Don’t forget to optimize your lead generation pages to give a seamless experience to your prospects and increase their relevance with the pin that landed your prospects on the particular page.

Product/ Service Pages

scaleyourbiz services

If you are using Pinterest to sell your products or services, post pins that ignite the interest of your audience in your business offerings. You can showcase your products with HQ photographs on your pins and redirect prospects to your product page and convert them into customers.

Strategy 5 – Converting Pins Into Sales 

Pinterest traffic is full of upheavals. The audience can engage with your pins with a particular intent and abandons you instantly. You get a very narrow window to hook them. Having catchy images, SEO planning, and great content is effective, but the great things happen when you drive the traffic to your business website, nurture them, and lock them into sales.

Modify Your Tone

Modifying the tone and language of your content demands a bit of effort and some extra creativity, but it comes amidst higher conversion rates and ensures long-term relationships. Resolve the conflict of your prospects by offering customer case studies. Don’t refrain from sharing how people perceive your brand.

Be Transparent & Authentic With Your Pricing

 When people go to your product page and are unable to find price structures, they most probably left you without making any contact. Most people think that your pricing is beyond their affordable range and refrain from connecting with your sales team.

Make your prices visible if you are offering the right product or service that ensures value for money. People can either decide on their own to buy from you or leave your offer if it fails to match their budget or expectation. Make things simple and transparent for your prospects.

Pitch Your Ideas

You are here for business and sales, don’t be shy from pitching your marketing ideas. Consider all the possible ways you can leverage to make more money. After all, you are charging for your hard work, dedication, and services by investing your time and effort in offering something valuable to the customers.

Why Go With an Agency for Pinterest Lead Generation?

If you are eager to include a Pinterest lead generation strategy in your marketing plan but lack the resources and time, you can outsource a Pinterest lead generation agency. Let us take care of your lead generation needs. As a renowned lead generation agency, ScaleYourBiz handles all the vital tasks and generates hot leads for business on Pinterest. By outsourcing a lead generation agency, you can leverage their skill set, experience, and tested methodologies to generate hot leads and boost your ROI.


Pinterest can be a promising lead generation platform for your business. Whether you are an SMB or an enterprise-scale company, the aforementioned Pinterest lead generation strategies play a vital role in running a successful lead generation campaigns for your business. Follow each strategy carefully and make them work for your business.

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