Top Strategies for Real Estate Lead Generation

real estate lead generation

Let’s narrow down the definition and scope of lead generation: using techniques to obtain data from people, incorporate it into distribution lists, maturation processes, email marketing, and provide sales opportunities to the sales team.

In turn, a lead is someone interested in the information, services, and products a company offers. They are potential customers who have provided their contact details, allowing us to apply lead nurturing and lead scoring techniques.

Today, the method of finding and buying a home has changed, thanks to lead generation.

The Internet has allowed people to have more access to information, view options, and access different tools to facilitate decision-making. The methods that were implemented five years ago to generate leads in the real estate sector, surely today have become obsolete or lagged by new trends.

Gone is the time when sales were made from an office. Today it is necessary to have an online presence, be efficient and follow methods that allow us to measure the efforts and results obtained.

  •         How do you get your potential clients to check the list of home options on your specialized landing page and not on the competition?
  •         What strategies do you use to educate your leads about buying a property?
  •         What tools do you provide to help them make a decision?

This is where Inbound Marketing for the real estate sector plays an important role. In this article, we will give you 11 tips to generate leads in the real estate sector and take your business to a point where you will be the first purchase option for your target market.

11 Best Lead Generation Strategies for 2022

1. Catch a sizeable portion of online traffic

You cannot do real estate lead generation unless you know of the different channels and tools to generate traffic to your website. The important thing is that the ones you use, you do it within a measurable strategy. Remember that you should always take your buyer persona into account so that your campaigns can generate the desired results.

If you want to get leads for a real estate project, you can do the following:

Create a PPC campaign

You can create ads on Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. When you create them, it is not just promoting your project and showing the amenities.

Who are you talking to?  To families with children? Newlyweds? To people looking for investment? Or maybe everyone?

For this, create variations of your ads. Make one for each buyer persona you have for your project. Also, perform A/B testing for each ad. Create one with the offer you have for the month, and create another with an emotional message that motivates the purchase. So you can finally measure which one has the best performance and allocate your budget to that.


A blog will always be the best traffic generator for your website. Through articles of interest, you can educate your prospects on identifying the best proposals, the best time to buy, how to finance their purchase, among other topics.

Companies that generate more than 11 posts per month generate 3 times more leads than those that make between 0 and 1 per month. If your business is not doing it, you are losing an excellent source of leads.

Web Positioning (SEO)

It is important to keep your website with the latest SEO standards so that search engines like Google can better position you in the results. Maintaining a structure based on H’s headings, a defined keyword strategy, and good programming are some of the basic elements for your content strategy to take effect.

2. Use landing pages for your ads

After you have generated visits to your web traffic, it is necessary to convert those interested in leads. How can you do it? Offering valuable content in exchange for the information of the prospect.

You must be clear about what you are going to offer your leads. If someone clicks on one of your ads, they come to a landing page (never your homepage) where you summarize a bit the project you are promoting but at the same time offer something of value.

You must identify at what stage of their buying process they are. Depending on this, you can know if it is appropriate to offer personalized advice, a call, and access to a financial calculator to calculate loans or any other content that allows the prospect to share their information.

3. Qualify your leads

Once they have contacted you, you must identify what type of lead it is if it is a cold lead that is only finding out a little, if it is someone who is about to get married and is trading options, or if it is someone who is going to move to another city and needs to buy as soon as possible?

How can you know this? Easy, ask them! In your contact form, include fields such as:

Are you looking to buy property to…?

  •         Live
  •         Invest

What is your budget? How many people will inhabit the property? What footage interests you the most? Are you thinking of moving in:

  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • I do not know yet

With questions like this, you can segment and qualify your leads to serve each segment according to their need.

4. Nurture your leads

In the previous point, you could qualify if you have good quality leads, and you could also segment them. What you need to do now is nurture them. For example, someone who answers “I don’t know yet” when asked when they think of moving may be a cold lead that is only looking for quotes. You cannot send him the information you send to someone interested in buying right away.

This is where we talk about Email Marketing. Through emails addressed to each segment relevant to their needs, you can obtain better results in your lead generation campaigns.

5. Turn your customers and leads into ambassadors of your business

This is one of the most important tips that we can give you. Your current clients are the best promoters of your business. If you have excellent service and a continuous relationship with your current clients, they will tell their acquaintances about your projects, thus generating new leads.

Now, those leads that you qualified, nurtured and perhaps you could not close due to a budget issue, if you had an excellent relationship with them during their process and were timely in helping and educating them, they will surely also recommend you to someone who may be a fit for your projects.

6. Save costs with Inbound Marketing

One of the biggest problems in real estate when implementing a marketing plan is costs. Appearing on billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio and other offline channels generates high costs that, in the end, are not very measurable and ROI cannot be measured.

Some of the benefits that Inbound Marketing can bring to your business would be:

  • It is cheaper than offline advertising.
  • Generate content that educates your leads.
  • It allows you to create authority in your market.
  • It allows more efficient qualification of leads.
  • It allows you to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.
  • It generates a cost per lead much cheaper than traditional marketing.

7. Offer valuable content on your online channels

Think about what each buyer person needs in each phase of their buying and selling process. Examples of content for real estate leads are:

  • The reports of the local real estate market
  • Guides and tips for buying or selling in the area
  • eBooks
  • Online training
  • Consultation calls/meetings
  • Online booking of appointments to visit the property (for recruitment or the buyer)
  • A property valuation study (estimate the starting price for the sale or price comparison for the purchase negotiation)

8. Call-To-Actions to stimulate user interest

They are the buttons that show offering messages to the readers of an article. They need good visibility in a prominent place; the message must be clear, as well as the offer. And should adhere to an attractive and contrasting color scheme.

9. Use optimized forms

Depending on the context of the page they are placed on, they may display more or fewer information fields. The general advice is to ask for the fewest number of fields to facilitate their completion.

If smart fields can be applied for recurring users, it is better to avoid repeatedly re-insert the same information. In the case of a landing aimed at qualifying contacts, in an advanced stage of consideration or decision, more detailed data can be requested to qualify the contacts if the offer is of value.

10. Maintain your social media accounts

Having a social profile is not having opened a profile on a social network. A social profile implies keeping it updated with your messages, contributing ideas and opinions on other people’s walls, and providing solutions in discussion groups.

Remember that social networks are not just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. YouTube, TikTok, and even WhatsApp are social networks where you can connect with people interested in what you offer.

11. Videos

Video marketing is an interesting format, so experts say it stands out as a technique booming year after year. It allows you to communicate ideas in a direct, personal way and, once you are used to the medium, it is faster to generate than blog articles or information pages on the web.

Best Lead Generation Real Estate Sites and Software

1. Follow Up Boss

It is a powerful customer relationship management tool for the real estate industry (CRM). The software’s automated system allows you to respond to your customers’ inquiries more quickly. You can easily set appointments with your customers and assign leads to your agents. With the tool, you can accomplish more in less time.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder and a tool for generating leads. Many of Squarespace’s lead generation templates can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements. To attract new customers, the cover page feature is ideal.

3. OnSpot Social

For realtors, OnSpot Social is the go-to app for collecting emails and leads in the industry. When it comes to real estate open houses, you can get more people involved and connect deeper than is possible with most software solutions.

4. Freshsales

For realtors who want to improve their CRM with customer feedback, Freshsales is one of the best lead capturing tools out there. Real estate agents can generate and track leads via email marketing or web-to-lead forms in Freshsales.

5. BoomTown

Real estate agents who want to outshine their competition with a large and detailed lead profile should use BoomTown. BoomTown’s lead generation is entirely dependent on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. A predictive CRM is also included in the software, which tells you when the best time is to get in touch with your prospects.

5  Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

1. BoldLeads

One of the best lead generation tools for realtors with strong features in bold leads helps you quickly capture leads. An integrated CRM, automated email and text messaging, and split-tested A/B seller lead generation landing pages are all part of its innovative new technology. All of these features allow you to connect with your leads immediately. Voicemail automation also allows you to leave a quick note for your potential customers so that they can call you back as soon as possible.

2. Zurple

Zurple is one of the best lead generation companies with a holistic end-to-end lead tracking solution for your company for real estate agents. Zurple’s strategy begins with the creation of real estate search websites. If you work in more than one city or market, you can have ten of these websites. Personal branding is applied to these websites.

3. Offers

Due to its online home evaluation tools and predictions for potential home sellers to become leads, as well as a built-in CRM for tracking your new leads, Offers is our top pick for seller lead generation.

4. Scale Your Biz

Since 2015, Scale Your Biz has been at the top of the industry. SYB alone has helped grow brands, clients, and businesses to over six figures in revenue. Through digital channels, we’ve already interacted with over a billion people.

5. SalesRoads

Companies in the midmarket and enterprise-level turn to SalesRoads for appointment setting, sales outsourcing, and outsourcing lead generation services. Our nationwide network of experienced telesales representatives works remotely from their homes to deliver results that are difficult to match with an in-house team.

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