Reasons to Hire a Lead Generation Agency

There are many reasons to hire a lead generation agency. Perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to generate leads yourself. Maybe you’re not sure how to go about it or what tactics will work best for your business. Or maybe you’ve tried generating leads on your own but haven’t had much success. In any case, a lead generation agency can help you get more leads and grow your business.

Outsourcing an experienced lead generation agency can help you get more quality leads and skyrocket your ROI. We don’t like to brag but we have been a B2B lead generation agency since 2015. As a lead generation marketing agency, we specialize in creating full-fledged lead generation brands, funnels, and offers. We have an unequaled capacity to collaborate with a wide range of niches and businesses.

In this blog, we’re going to look at 11 reasons to hire a lead generation agency and also what factors to consider when hiring one. 

What Does a Lead Generation Agency Do?

A lead generation agency compiles prospects or business data in such a way to sell it to a business willing to buy new leads.

It ensures a categorical organization of data to make it relevant enough to target the market followed by organizing leads based on their likelihood of becoming a sale. The latter is covered as the lead scoring and lead qualification process.

Lead generation agencies acquire high-value leads by developing an engaging business website and optimizing and reshaping the site to hook visitors and obtain their info via CRM form or lead form.

Lead generation agencies leverage different tools and strategies to hook your prospects and run personalized inbound campaigns for your organization. They utilize their expertise and perks of having rich insights and experience that most businesses probably won’t acquire on their own.

A lead generation firm offers targeted marketing campaigns with some effective inbound and outbound efforts. All these efforts, when implemented in closed synchronization, ensure to produce promising results.

The next step is followed by the lead nurturing process and leveraging different mediums. The goal is to acquire the lead data to evaluate whether they match your buyer persona or not. They can instantly and seamlessly identify the leads having purchase intent.

11 Reasons to Hire a Lead Generation Agency 

Hire lead generation agency

Below are 11 reasons that support the fact that it will be fruitful to hire a lead generation agency. Let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Access to the Right Talent

A lead generation process requires several resources who can perform dedicated roles to accomplish the goal. These roles include decision-makers, content writers, copywriters, SEO experts, graphic designers, content marketing strategists, PPC experts, branding experts, etc.

When it comes to hiring a lead generation agency, you gain access to a skilled and experienced team of experts. These experts support your in-house marketing team and implement some state-of-the-art marketing practices. These targeted and modern marketing approaches are hard to implement without hiring a lot of resources for your in-house team. 

So, it’s better to hire a lead generation agency to gain access to the right talent.

2. Results-Oriented

The most significant aspect of collaborating with a lead generation agency is that their primary objective is to produce fruitful results for your business. In fact, this is the only way they can ensure value to your business and showcase their capabilities. By hiring an agency centric around the primary purpose of attracting and engaging hot leads for your business, you can aim your efforts toward other core business activities.

3. Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation went through some rigorous improvements and evolution in the last decade. Now, lead generation experts have more advanced tools, dashboards, and strategies than we could ever imagine. You can well acknowledge it by the fact that remaining updated with the evolving market trends has become a full-time role.

Consider all the effective tools and platforms including, HubSpot, GoToWebinar, Google Analytics, SemRush, Ahref keyword research, PPC, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. There is always much more to learn and master.

If you are already leveraging a particular set of platforms or utilities, hire a lead generation agency that offers expertise in other effective mediums. They can help you get the most value for your marketing budget and ensure efficiency.

4. Dodge Cold Calling

Statistically, around 2% of cold calls are promised to win you an appointment with your prospects. This is a very small number to invest the valuable time of your SDRs in making cold calls. By hiring a lead generation agency your sales team will spare more time to engage with high-potential prospects that are most likely to become a customer.

5. Effective Lead Scoring Strategy

Lead generation agencies are experts in the lead scoring process. Lead scoring is an effective way for your sales representatives to save their precious time. By leveraging it, you can determine the point at which you can qualify your lead as a sales-ready prospect. If not, you can keep nurturing your leads until they qualify as sales-ready prospects.

You need to connect with your leads only if they are qualified enough to hear from you. Without an effective lead scoring process, you can lose your lead if you try to engage them in a hurry without any rational affirmation to do so.

6. Optimize Your Sales Funnel

By ensuring a smooth lead generation funnel, you can easily identify hot leads. It means that it’s possible to acknowledge when your prospects are ready to convert or expect a call from your sales team. A lead generation agency lets you identify your potential customers and their intent at each stage of the sales funnel. It makes it easy to determine the stage of your prospects’ journey in your sales funnel and approach them accordingly. It also helps you reduce your conversion time for each lead and make your prospect’s journey shorter by engaging them with the right approach and at the right time.

7. Brand Awareness or Demand Generation

Another vital aspect of hiring a lead generation agency is to help your business get found online. This is what brand awareness or demand generation is all about. Lead generation agencies craft an effective content strategy and set up a blog. This blog possesses valuable pieces of content, articles, and blog posts with the right keywords for your industry. The strategy is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which helps you rank at the top of Google search results when your prospects make searches using particular keywords or phrases. It eventually helps you convert this organic traffic to leads and then to paying customers.

8. Efficient PPC Strategy

Most companies invest a heavy portion of their budget in paid advertising or PPC. A risk associated with this strategy is that you will be charged for every click made on your Ad by the prospects. An experienced lead generation agency follows intensive research and makes an informed decision before running a PPC campaign for your business. It will help you improve your ROI for your paid marketing campaigns like Google Ads, Social media Ads, etc.

9. Track KPIs for All Marketing Campaigns

Lead generation agencies compare, evaluate and track KPIs of all your marketing campaigns to improve your ROI. It requires various reporting tools and critical thinking abilities to track potential roadblocks or risks associated with each marketing campaign. The criterion is not absolute as it varies from industry to industry. An experienced lead generation agency has the right exposure and skillset to examine your marketing strategy and revamp it completely or a different aspect of it.

10. Better Conversion Rate

Remember that not all leads are equal. If you are investing your time and efforts on the prospects having no or least interest in your products or services, you will fail to see any conversion. Hiring an experienced lead generation agency helps you ensure that the leads you are up to are the right set of prospects that fits your buyer persona. It will result in an improved conversion rate and higher ROI.

11. Proven Track Record of Successful Projects

Another important factor that determines the destiny of any lead generation campaign is the expert’s experience in dealing with the overall lead generation process. Lead generation agencies have extensive knowledge and experience in their field, and they can use this knowledge to help you generate more leads.

One of the main benefits of a lead generation agency like ScaleYourBiz is a rich portfolio of implementing some of the top-notch lead generation strategies and producing remarkable results. 

What to Look For in a Lead Generation Agency

Benefits of lead generation agency

There are a lot of lead generation agencies out there. But how do you know which one is right for you and your business? Here are a few things to look for:

1) Scale of Operations

The first thing to consider before outsourcing a lead generation agency is to determine its scale of operations. Generally, lead generation services can be categorized into two types:

Type #1: Lead generation agencies that have experience and capability of dealing with complex B2B lead generation strategies with lengthy sales cycles. 

Type #2: Lead generation agencies that engage prospects who are willing to make purchases under 1000$ with simple and small sales cycles.

If you own a small business, consider opting for the services of type #1 lead generation agencies and vice versa.

2) Inbound vs. Outbound Lead Generation Agency

Inbound Lead Generation is the one that produces leads by SEO by attracting your potential customers to your business website or social media page. Whereas, Outbound Lead Generation depends mainly on cold calls, outreach emails, and other outbound practices to generate leads

If you’ve already decided which lead generation strategy to outsource, you can easily choose between both types of lead generation agencies.

There is a rich portfolio of lead generation agencies that provide multi-channel lead generation support. These agencies offer a combo of both inbound and outbound strategies for your business.

3) Stage of Sales Funnel They Can Optimize or Build for Your Business

This is another vital aspect that is more important for B2B businesses that require a  deep and complex sales funnel. If you own such a B2B business, you must ask your lead generation partner about:

4) Lead Generation Strategy

There is an ocean of agencies that claim the title of “best” for their lead generation strategies. But you need to critically evaluate their lead sources to determine:

  • Are they using third-party data sources?
  • Do they conduct comprehensive market research?
  • What is their methodology or approach to qualify the leads?
  • How do they ensure the right organic traffic on your website?

5) Lead Qualification Strategy

One of the main benefits of a lead generation agency is an extension of your in-house marketing and sales team. An authentic lead generation firm will easily incorporate your lead qualification system in their operations, considering your:

  • Buyer personas
  • Your benchmark for MQLS 
  • You benchmark for SQLs
  • Lead scoring method

Must ensure that the agency you are going to outsource serves your business interest and can find ways to collaborate with your in-house marketing and sales team.

6) What Tools Do You Work With?

Another benefit of a lead generation agency is to leverage the most advanced tools and utilities to implement, automate, and optimize different marketing campaigns.

But how can you determine if the agency you are going to hire has the right set of lead generation tools? The tools that must address the following use cases are mandatory for any lead generation process:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM support
  • Email automation
  • Social media management
  • SEO, CRO, and SEM tools


There are many reasons to hire a lead generation agency. It is recommended to evaluate and cross-examine different lead generation agencies before settling down for a particular agency. By opting for the right lead generation agency like ScaleYourBiz, you can spare your valuable time, effort, and energy for core business activities. Among all the best B2B lead generation companies, agencies and services, ScaleYourBiz is the most experienced. We know how to reach your clients across every marketing channel, maximize ROI, and drive business growth, unlike most media buyer companies. On most channels, our seasoned team of media buyers can build new sales.

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