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Lead generation & SEO are the two most essential ingredients for creating and executing an impactful marketing strategy to take any business up to new summits and skyrocket its RoI.

Lead generation is all about decorating your brand image to attract and engage qualified leads followed by further nurturing. Lead nurturing is a part of lead generation that gears towards converting these leads into long-term and loyal customers. No leads simply translate into no business and no sales.

Although lead generation and SEO are fundamentally different, they highly correlate and fuel each other to attain a mutual goal.

In this blog post, we discuss some effective ways to generate SEO leads and how you can achieve your goals efficiently by implementing SEO lead generation services.

Importance of SEO Lead Generation for Your Business

SEO abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization is the methodology that involves revamping blog pages, product pages, or landing pages to improve their ranking on the google search results. The higher your web pages rank among the top search results, the easier it will be for your prospects to find your business and deliverables.

SEO is a generic terminology that involves everything mandatory to attain higher visibility for your business and its content, product, or services. It involves everything from incorporating the right keywords on your product or blog pages to off-page SEO and on-page optimization, etc.

SEO is vital for the growth of business as it gives you better online visibility and engages more prospects. It attracts organic traffic to your business website, which, in turn, generates more SEO leads and offers higher chances of conversions – and eventually more sales and better ROI.

An effective SEO strategy enables your website to outstand your competitors. By setting up the practical SEO methodologies, you will be able to rank at the top of SERPs, create high-quality SEO leads, and improve your lead gen funnel.

SEO, when implemented perfectly, can lead to a continuity of organic engagement on your web pages and offer long-term perks. Once you acknowledge how to convert prospects into sales, you’ll be able to leverage your organic SEO leads.

Does SEO and lead generation go in parallel?

As we have discussed earlier, SEO & lead gen are two different domains. SEO is geared towards revamping and optimizing the different attributes of your website to make it rank high among SERPs and attract more prospects.

Whereas, lead generation involves scaling the number of prospects & customers for your company using different lead generation strategies including PPC, email marketing, and SEO itself.

The relevance between both domains is the impact that SEO casts on the lead generation process.

SEO helps you fuel your lead generation approach by offering different perks like brand awareness and generating organic SEO leads by improving engagement. The more frequently your website appears on the top of organic search results, the easier it is for the prospects to find you and know about your business and products.

Most of the lead gen experts think that SEO lead generation is the hottest marketing strategy, including paid advertisements for generating high-score leads.

An effective SEO lead generation process allows you to improve search engine ranking and boost website traffic. By practicing the right ways to generate SEO leads, you can easily revamp your lead generation process to organically boost SEO leads and improve ROI.

SEO Strategies for Lead Generation

Now you have background knowledge of why SEO is one of the most impactful ways to scale your customer base, boost sales, and improve your bottom line, let’s have a look at some top SEO strategies to improve lead generation.

1. Analyze the Business

Start your SEO lead generation drive by understanding your business, industry, and targeted audience. You need to:

  • Evaluate your core business activities and goals for the effective implementation of your SEO lead generation services.
  • Evaluate your current status and compare it with the intermediate milestones and end goal. It is necessary to determine the scale of efforts you need to invest in your SEO lead generation activities.
  • Review your budget to determine how well you can spend on different aspects of SEO lead generation. Create a budget breakdown for all the aspects and strategies.
  • Perform competitor analysis to acknowledge the gap in your industry and design your USPs accordingly. It is also helpful in determining and improving all the unseen loopholes in your lead generation model.
  • Perform comprehensive customer and market research. You need to know the problems and priorities of your customers and how well you can sustain their needs.

Redefine your business goals and lead generation strategy based on the finding you get after implementing these practices.

2. SEO-optimized Blogs or Articles

One of the most practical ways to incorporate the SEO lead generation process is to maintain an educational and interactive content marketing strategies. Your articles or blog posts must possess all the elements necessary for an SEO-optimized website.

articles for seo lead generation
Source: Blue Corona

These are some of the fundamental SEO strategies for setting up a fruitful blog:

  • Right keywords – Perform comprehensive keyword research and choose the most trending and valuable keywords in your niche, and then use them in your blog title and the rest of the content. Keep in mind, you need to incorporate keywords without worsening the user experience. Use keywords naturally and refrain from cluttering keywords unnecessarily or you might end up facing penalties from Google.
  • Publish regularly – To leverage the true essence of SEO, you need to publish blogs consistently. Simply, the more often you publish your blog posts, the better outcomes you will have.
  • Content Structure – Using H1 as the main title, H2 as heading, and H3 & H4 as sub-headings improve the navigation and readability of your content and improve UX. It will also help Google to get the subject of your content easily.
  • Use links – Whenever you publish an article on your blog, don’t forget to add links to other relevant articles or products on your site. It improves user experience, depth of subject, page views, etc.
  • Readability – Apart from adding value to the content, you need to make it simple and easy-to-read for your audience. Follow layout and formatting that make your content compelling and fluent to read.

Irrespective of your niche or the subject of your blogs, these practices will make your blog more fruitful and engaging.

For instance, if you publish blogs for aviation geeks you can still implement all these SEO strategies to increase SEO leads and engagement. It will eventually increase the potential of your blogs to engage and convert more prospects.

Following these SEO lead generation ideas from the beginning of your blog will ensure promising growth and improve ROI.

3. Increase your website speed

Website speed significantly impacts your SERP performance. Google’s primary goal is to offer the most compelling UX. The load time of your website is a determining factor in achieving this goal.

increase website speed
Source: Blue Corona

These are some fundamental ways to boost site speed.

  • Leverage an authentic web hosting service
  • Optimize your site speed for smartphone users
  • Optimize image size
  • Eliminate nonpractical scripts or plugins
  • Resolve broken link issues
  • Optimize your database
  • Activate caching via MaxCDN or WP Total Cache (if you are using WordPress)

Check your website load times using utilities like Pingdom. Once you ensure the performance of the site, you move to improve your load times as directed by the tool.

4. Right keyword research approach

Keyword research is another determining factor in improving your SEO lead generation services. It means looking for the words or phrases that users in your niche type on a search engine console to find any particular information, products, or services. When performed right, keyword research produces promising results for all your digital marketing strategies.

There is a wide range of keyword research tools that you can leverage to find the trending, high-traffic, and relevant keywords to drive more engagements and boost ROI.

5. Off-site link building

Links allow users to transit between different web pages and let search engines crawl between different pages on your website & between different websites on the web.

Link building is an essential strategy to strengthen your SEO approach, but it’s mandatory to perform this activity on authentic and high-value platforms to attain maximum results.

For example, it is recommended to link to high-value platforms that will boost the ranking of your domain. Try to collaborate with renowned bloggers for guest posting and off-site linking to ensure credibility.

Make a list of hosts or bloggers you are considering for collaboration. Outreach them using personalized emails with appropriate subject lines and concisely add the perks of accepting your offer in the rest of the email. Moreover, you can also use automated email tools to perform bulk outreach. It will be time-savvy, but sending too many emails at once can result in spam, so use these tools with precautions.

6. Local SEO

A digital presence provides you an opportunity to make your business visible to the entire globe. On the contrary, local SEO aims at attaining a higher rank and visibility in a particular region or area.

If you provide services to a particular state or region like a law firm, dentist, or eye specialist, local lead generation works best for you and targets the right audience in your niche and area of operations.

The following local SEO practices allow you to extract most of your SEO lead generation services:

  • Mark business listings on online directories – Use online directories to make the business visible to ensure a dominating online presence.
  • Optimize content for local SEO – Perform local keyword research to optimize your blogs and landing pages locally. Showcase your prospects exactly what you are offering & where.
  • Ask for positive feedback – A recent study reveals that over 90% of prospects consider positive reviews before finalizing their purchase decision. Always ask for positive feedback and product reviews from your satisfied customers to ensure a higher conversion rate.

7. Technical Audit

Auditing your website is mandatory to determine the set of pages that are performing well and which need to be revamped. To begin the audit routine crawl your website first. Fortunately, there are different tools available in the market that offer this utility.

Crawling software tools crawl your site and web pages, discover links that require a redirection, filter the titles and meta descriptions that surpass the acceptable character limit (or even pages with missing meta titles or descriptions), duplicate content, etc. All these issues worsen your organic search rankings


Must leverage SEO reporting tools to track record of the performance determining factors including keyword usage, URL regulations, organic clicks, etc. These valuable insights enable you to find the potential hurdles in your optimization drive.


Using the above-mentioned SEO lead generation strategies you can improve your lead generation process to a remarkable extent. It will allow you to improve your visibility in organic search results, engage high-quality SEO leads and boost your ROI.

Once you implement all these strategies, don’t forget to evaluate each step and make necessary adjustments wherever necessary.

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