10 Proven Tips for Creating Effective TikTok Lead Generation Strategy

Renowned social media platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter are the must-opt-for mediums to generate leads from social media. Now, another new & most trending social media platform, TikTok has caught the corporate world’s attention due to an overwhelming user base.

This newly emerged social media platform targets smartphone users and has experienced 2.6 billion downloads globally, with around 1 billion monthly active users. The daily time spent on the TikTok for an average US adult is 40 minutes.

In a bigger context, TikTok has now grown from just a trending app where youngsters upload funny, challenging, creative, and aesthetic videos. Now, businesses are considering TikTok for lead generation and boosting their ROI by capturing its huge audience base.

This blog post will highlight some effective tips & strategies for TikTok lead generation and the need for leveraging TikTok for lead generation.

What is TikTok Lead Generation?

TikTok’s Lead Generation strategy allows SMBs and enterprise-grade companies to hook their targetted prospects and convert them into paying and loyal customers. For instance, If the audience comes across your TikTok Ads or video content and showcases their interest in what you are offering, you can drive them to your lead capture form to get their contact info. This vital lead data is then later used to nurture leads and convert them into sales.

Should you be using TikTok for Lead Generation?

TikTok Lead Generation is an effective strategy to generate qualified leads and skyrocket your sales. 

Social media ads are becoming increasingly expensive with every passing day. On the other hand, the TikTok Lead Generation model offers a much more budget-friendly solution and intelligent algorithm to generate leads from TikTok. As a result, lead generation experts can generate more hot leads and attain their smartly using this platform. 

TikTok’s highly impactful combo of recommendation engine and engagement algorithm creates a more appealing UX for its audience and makes them more open to embracing brand awareness campaigns and acting on the CTAs. 

TikTok’s Lead Generation also allows companies to set up highly customizable Ad copies or messages that can serve a range of audience segments. You can generate leads on TikTok and download them manually or integrate them with the CRM of your business website CRM.

TikTok showcases a remarkable performance in different aspects. For instance, TikTok lead generation Ads have outperformed mainstream media Ads by 45% in terms of views or engagement.

Enterprise-grade businesses belonging to different niches leverage TikTok for lead generation like:

  • RyanAir (Industry – Airline)
  • BMW (Industry – Automotive)
  • Levi’s (Industry – Clothing)
  • Marvel (Industry – Entertainment/Filmmaking)
  • Nando’s (Industry – Food)

How to Generate Leads on TikTok 

Below are some proven strategies to generate leads from TikTok.

1. Create a business profile

Create an account on TikTok for your business profile with your brand logo as a profile pic. Keep your brand tone instrumental in your TikTok profile’s bio and add a link to your business site in your bio. Must

2. User targeted hashtags 

Targeting user hashtags helps you showcase your brand awareness content to the right and most relevant TikTok audience, who are more likely to hook and convert into paying customers. In addition, targeting the viral TikTok hashtags can boost your brand reach across various demographics.

3. Harness the power of TikTok Ads 

The most impactful and dedicated way to generate leads from TikTok is TikTok ads. TikTok lead generation Ads are introduced to enable brands to hook their targeted prospects and convert them into leads.

While creating TikTok lead generation ads, ensure that you choose the right advertising model offered by TikTok. TikTok offers three advertising models that you can opt from:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Application Install

TikTok Lead Generation Ads

For instance, if your objective is to divert TikTok traffic to a particular landing page of your business website, then choose traffic as your advertisement objective.

Similarly, If you want to boose sales or conversion, then the Conversions advertisement objective better serves your purpose.

4. Collaborate with Tiktok influencers

Search for the TikTok influencers in your niche with a substantial number of followers and views on their content. You can collaborate with these TikTok influencers at many affordable prices compared to the YouTube or Instagram influencers. In addition, collaboration with influencers allows you to drive their followers to your business website and convert them into customers. 

5. Create your own TikTok challenges 

TikTok Challenges are one the most vital features offered by TikTok and showcase TikTok’s most popular videos or trends. Branded TikTok challenges are challenge-oriented brand campaigns launched by a different brand. It allows businesses to collaborate with content creators to promote their challenges to boost awareness. By leveraging TikTok challenges, you can:

Keep in mind that you must strictly abstain from jumping on the bandwagon to introduce risky or illegal challenges to get instant attention.

6. Create an engaging content strategy

Plan an engaging content strategy for your TikTok. Your content strategy must be centric around your buyer persona, industry trends, viral hashtags, and brand awareness. Post content on your TikTok profile consistently and keep an eye on your competition to know what they are up to.

7. Make exciting offers

You can generate leads from TikTok by making exciting offers like giveaways, free consultations, season clearance sales, free trails, limited-time offers, etc. You can also incorporate creativity in publishing content on Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday using trending hashtags and announcing discounts or seasonal sales.

8. Monitor the analytics of your TikTok

You can monitor the insights of your TikTok Analytics to see which videos are underperforming and which ones are gaining more views and engagements. It helps you optimize your content strategy by evaluating the performance of your existing content. In addition, you can decide which type of content is more likely to bring more TikTok views. Obviously, more TikTok views mean more opportunities to convert and sell.

9. Use effective CTAs on your TikTok videos

Use clear CTAs in your TikTok videos, like asking your audience to visit your link in your bio, sign-up for your email subscribers list, etc. You can also make half-cooked spoilers or suspenseful videos and ask your users to visit the link in your bio for a complete story. It is one of the most effective strategies to generate leads from TikTok.

10. Stay connected with your followers

Understand the flow of TikTok’s algorithm. The more you engage with the content by your followers, influencers, or other brands in your niche the more engagement you will get in return. So give shoutouts to your consistent followers and engage with them in the comment section to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience.


With the increasing need to try new avenues for marketing and lead generation campaigns, you must consider TikTok because of its vast global user base. Therefore, it is recommended to follow and adapt all the aforementioned TikTok lead generation strategies to boost your lead engagement and conversion rates up to a significant extent. 

Also, for better results, you can also hire a TikTok lead generation agency like ScaleYourBiz and skyrocket your ROI without any hassle.

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