Why Should You Outsource Appointment setting?

Outsourced Appointment Setting

Being a business owner or sales expert, efficiently using resources, and assigning roles to boost your ROI might be your utmost concern. So if you feel a need to outsource some responsibilities or roles, like appointment setting, you need to evaluate the function and impact of your sales team. 

Human resource is the most vital asset of your company, and if you invest the majority of that valuable resource in mundane tasks, you are not utilizing your resources efficiently. 

Evaluating the performance of your sales team will showcase why your SDRs are failing to produce quality leads via appointment setting. To spare your SDRs and other resources from this responsibility and invest in the right talent for this role, it is recommended to consider outsourcing your appointment setting needs.

Outsourcing your appointment setting can be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business. Not only does it free up your time so you can focus on more important things, but it also helps to ensure that potential customers are actually connecting with a human representative and not getting lost in a maze of voicemail menus and automated options. 

Keep reading to learn more about why outsource appointment setting is a smart decision for any business.

Reasons Why In-house Appointment Setting Fails

An in-house appointment setting is a common and popular method for businesses to generate leads and book appointments. However, it is not without its challenges. Here are some of the reasons why in-house appointment setting can fail:

Reason 1 – Unable to Convert Leads Into Sales 

Poor Sales Conversion - Failure to appointment setting
convince and convert

According to the survey, only 45% of businesses claim that they are satisfied with their conversion rates. A poor conversion rate is driven by the quality of leads in your sales funnel.

The primary KPI of improvement and growth for your business is your ROI. Without an effective ROI, most businesses lose motivation and cease to exist anymore. Most of the time, businesses aim primarily on engaging leads but refrain from paying attention to converting leads into sales.

The quality of your conversions is equally important as the conversion rate itself. Converting hot leads can be worth more than converting low-potential prospects who drain most of your time and effort.

You fail to get results despite your marketing team playing a promising role in the awareness stage of the funnel. The reason behind your low conversion rate could be your sales team. Maybe they’re failing to nurture your leads into converting customers. In such circumstances, you should outsource an SDR appointment setting company to engage your prospects, produce qualified leads, and convert them into sales through effective appointment settings. 

Reason 2 – Unable to Interpret Numbers 

Failure of appointment setting
Data Axle Genie

Another major reason for failure is poor data. Your system may be full of redundant or inaccurate information. Or you may have failed to track your lead generation efforts properly, so you really don’t know the actual KPIs and their drivers.

If you have no clear idea about what your KPIs are, including your conversion rates and budget per acquisition, it reveals the failure of the In-house team. Indeed, your most important KPI is your ROI, but if you fail to connect the dots with other parameters, you are most certainly operating inefficiently.

One significant sign that your data assets are poor is your email list experiencing high unsubscription rates or poor engagement. Eventually, a poorly structured lead generation strategy will provide you with leads that aren’t qualified enough to become a sale. And investing time, effort, or budget in unqualified leads will exacerbate your ROI.

Organized and well-structured data offer the insightful information you need to drive your decisions and aim your efforts on the right leads. With poor data, you may end up making mistakes that cast a huge burden on your budget and increase the chances of failure. 

Reason 3 – Failed Lead Generation Strategy 

Lead Generation Challenges in Outsourced Appointment Setting
Accelerate Agency

According to the research, around 61% of businesses think that attracting the right audience and generating qualified leads is their top challenge.

You need to determine the potential roadblocks in your lead generation efforts. For instance, if your marketing team complains that the sales team isn’t converting leads into sales, It means you have a poor quality of leads or an ineffective lead nurture process. On the other hand, if the sales team complains about not having enough leads, it means your lead generation strategy needs improvement.

An effective outbound lead generation strategy is crucial to not only generate leads but to generate qualified and targeted leads. Doing the opposite may end up wasting your budget on targeting leads that are not going to convert into sales. The prospects you consider targeting might be here for routine net surfing and casual browsing, not to make purchases.

On the sales front, the essential part of lead generation strategy is appointment setting. Without perfect lead generation strategies, your appointment setting drive will eventually fail.

Reason 4 – Lead Funnel Journey is Too Long 

Response time - Outsourced appointment setting
Lamp Light Digital Media

Internet users especially Millennials and Gen-Zs always remain in a hurry and short of time. Abandoning your prospects for too long after any type of contact or engagement can lead you to poor conversion rates. You need to make your buyer’s journey in your sales funnel smooth and seamless.

Evaluate how long it takes a prospect to cross your sales funnel, from the awareness stage to becoming a sale. 

Most prospects during their buyer journey are not considered sales-ready when they just enter your sales funnel. Most of the prospects have an intent of collecting information, comparing products, or exploring different options. You can help your prospect at each stage of their buyer journey by offering relevant and authentic information that encourages them to re-engage, such as downloading an eBook. Generally, the higher the pricing structure of your product or service is, the longer it will take to convert your prospects into sales-ready leads.

If it appears like your prospects take much longer than normal to turn into customers or often abandon you without making any purchases, consider outsourcing a lead generation service.

Reason 5 – Client Retention Rate is Down

Customer Retention - SDR Appointment Setting Company
Finances Online

Consider how fruitful and profitable it is to retain existing customers compared to engaging the new ones. The cost of engaging new leads is 5 times higher than retaining old customers. 

If you are continuously struggling with lead retention, there’s a lack of alignment and synchronization in your model. For instance, your prospects are confused with your product or service, or they are not confident with what they should purchase. A good lead generation company starts by revamping your lead generation funnel and all your lead generation campaigns to make your approach more relevant and impactful.

Re-engaging old customers is more cost-effective than targeting and converting a fresh prospect because someone with a satisfying experience with your products or services understands your business well and is more likely to purchase from your brand again. 

Another reason for a poor retention rate is that you are too busy targeting new leads and neglecting your relationship with the existing customers.

#6 – You Don’t Have the Resources or There Is a Bottleneck

Lack of Resources - Failure of appointment setting
Marketing Insider Group

Around 61% of lead generation efforts go in vain due to the lack of resources. This is another red flag that discloses the failure of your in-house appointment setting team and can be identified by noticing a bottleneck in your lead generation funnel. Perhaps your sales representatives fail to keep the leads engaged and lose them before conversions, but you lack enough resources to improve their efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Appointment Setting

How outsource appointment settings can help you grow? 

If this question still pops up in your mind, it’s time to discuss some of the remarkable perks of outsourcing your lead generation and appointment setting services. 

By collaborating with a skilled and experienced team of appointment setters, you can experience the perks like:

1. Unlock More Sales Opportunities

Appointment setters can help you unlock more sales opportunities. When you outsource an appointment setting service, you can spare your precious time to deal with core business activities and engage more leads, simultaneously. It will create an efficient sales funnel with a steady flow of leads for your business.

2. Reach Your Target Audience

One of the most effective ways to outsource appointment setting is to target your audience. By targeting your audience, you can ensure that your message is reaching the right people. Additionally, you can customize your message to appeal to your target audience. This will help you to get the most out of your appointment setting efforts.

3. Create More Efficient Sales Funnels

When you outsource appointment settings, you free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. But it’s important to choose the right company to outsource to and to create buyer personas to ensure they’re targeting the right leads. Crafting the right buyer persona will cut down your target audience and help you create a more efficient sales funnel.

4. Improve Customer Relationships

Another benefit of outsourcing appointment setting is that it can help you to improve your customer relationships. If you are regularly setting appointments with customers, you are likely to develop a better relationship with them. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Cost Savings

Outsourcing your appointment setting can save you money on overhead costs, such as salaries, benefits, and office space. Depending upon the different pricing structures, appointment setting services cost around $30 to $50 per hour or $50 to $100 per lead.

6. Innovation of New Ideas

An experienced and skilled appointment setting company will be constantly looking for new and effective ways to adapt and skyrocket your business. They’ll evaluate different reports and discover hidden insights in your CRM data to help you boost conversion rates and scale your ROI with the passage of time.

7. Improve Lead Quality

If you are effortless in dealing with poor-quality leads, you’ll feel relaxed after knowing that outsourcing an appointment setting service can resolve all your pain points. Within no time, you will be engaging high-value prospects with immense potential to become a sale. When you outsource your appointment setting to a team of experts in lead generation, you can be confident that your appointments will be of the highest quality. This can lead to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Outsource The Right Appointment Setting Agency – ScaleYourBiz

There are many reasons why you might outsource your appointment setting. Perhaps you don’t have the internal staff to handle it, or you want to focus on other aspects of your business. Whatever the reason, outsourcing appointment setting can be a great way to free up your time and resources.

When you outsource appointment setting, you partner with an agency that specializes in generating leads and scheduling appointments. This can be a great way to get the most out of your marketing budget and to ensure that your sales team is meeting its quotas.

Using our lead generation appointment setting services, we can generate high-ticket leads and help you book profit-generating appointments with the help of our call center appointment setting staff.

-We outsource and bring in high-ticket appointments 

-We qualify the appointments 

-Add the planned meetings to your calendar directly 

-Prospects approach you

We provide amazing appointment setup services because we recognize that, while your company may be great at closing deals, you just don’t have enough hours in the day to continuously look for prospects and urge them to set up an appointment.


Refrain from outsourcing your lead generation or appointment setting services to anyone just for the sake of easing your burden. Do thorough research and invest time in evaluating their SOPs to ensure they are not just selling you poor leads that do not relate to your buyer persona. An outsource appointment setting agency like ScaleYourBiz provides you with a steady flow of high-potential leads that eventually improves your bottom line and ROI.

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