Pinterest lead generation ads:
The best platform for organic traffic & link backs!

Pinterest is a frequently misunderstood platform with hidden benefits and advantages that few businesses and marketers are aware of. We have a strategy for optimizing Pinterest lead generation ads and getting businesses the best leads.

What is Pinterest lead generation?

Lead generation on Pinterest is very different from lead generation on other social media platforms, which explains why many businesses ignore it - because it is different.

But, when done correctly, and if you're the right business to use this platform, it can generate a massive wave of high-quality leads organically!

Pinterest has more than 70 million active users. This number is constantly growing by the minute - this is how massive this platform actually is!

Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, with prospects typically visiting the site to look at photos that can inspire them and find interesting things that can improve their daily lives.

So, if you're going to use Pinterest to generate leads, you should know exactly what your target audience is typing into their search bar that will cause your pin to appear on their screen.

Pinterest lead generation

Pinterest takes a lot of keyword research and SEO expertise, but it will definitely be worth it.

However, it's important to understand that you can generate two types of leads from Pinterest: direct leads and indirect leads. Direct leads are generated when your pin is linked to your landing page or website, where they can then fill out a form to claim an incentive or offer. Then there are indirect leads, which are generated by redirecting leads to other pages or sites on the path to conversion — but it is not the final stop before someone arrives at a landing page.

Pinterest lead generation

Benefits of using Pinterest for generating leads?

If you're looking to generate organic leads, then Pinterest is definitely something that you should look into. Pinterest, unlike Facebook or Instagram, is a VISUAL search engine which means it shows purely just photos that redirects to websites (which is called a 'Pin').

Pinterest reduces the number of steps required to convert a lead into a buyer. Because Pinterest is a visual platform, the more appealing or engaging your pins appear, the more likely you are to generate a new lead with a single click.

73% of Pinterest users have said that they find branded content quite useful for them. So this is ideal news if you are promoting a product or planning on giving out a lead magnet that could potentiality capture interest.

Lead generation on Pinterest is create for creating awareness, especially for people who have no idea that your product or brand exists.

In fact, Pinterest is one of the world’s BIGGEST traffic drivers.

How much does it cost to generate leads through Pinterest?

Pinterest advertisement costs, like all other platforms, vary, but the average is typically
around $2.00 to $5.00 per CPM.

If you want to increase engagement, the average per engagement rate can range from
$0.10 to $1.50.

What kinds of businesses can use Pinterest for lead generation?

Pinterest is particularly beneficial to the following industries: retail (clothing, hair and skincare, novelty items), real estate (architecture, home decorations, home life hacks), small businesses, and artists.

However, even if your company does not fall into any of these categories, it is still worthwhile to experiment with Pinterest lead generation.

Frequently Asked Question

It depends on what your brand type is. Let’s say you’re a yoga brand. If your pins get at least 3,000 – 12,000 impressions, that’s already considered viral.
To begin, you’ll need a Pinterest business account. Then all you have to do is make a board that you know your audience will enjoy. Remember that people frequently use Pinterest to find inspiration, so plan out your pin board accordingly. Following that, you must have a firm grasp on key phrases and words, as Pinterest is the best platform for organic reach. This also implies that you should have some basic SEO knowledge (but the more advanced, the higher the success rate).

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