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Why Scale Your Biz for content promotion using Outbrain?

Our Outbrain services are managed by Outbrain media buying experts who are experienced in assisting brands in increasing online visibility and customer base by drilling down targeting and strategizing which listing space will work best for their demographic and reader intent.

Outbrain is the most popular platform for native advertising; It can increase purchasing intent by 18%.

Outbrain is best used for distributing your own content and placing them as ads on authoritative sites that could lead to several landing page types:

  • Videos with descriptive text
  • SEO results page
  • Articles / blogs / advertorials
  • Earned media
  • Infographics
  • Download pages
  • Product pages
Biz for content promotion using Outbrain

Benefits of using Outbrain campaigns for content promotion?

Unlike traditional advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, Outbrain is excellent for native advertisement, which takes a different approach.

Your advertisements will appear in publications as an article or as a display ad, which is ideal for adding authority to your brand and increasing its recognition.

Expect high-quality traffic at low CPC prices, as well as having your content displayed on well-founded publications where consumer trust can easily be gained.

Benefits of using Outbrain

Other benefits you can gain from using Outbrain services:

  • CPC prices are usually 50% lower than other paid channels
  • Easier to reach relevant audiences depending on the content you’re putting out
  • Ability to promote content in multiple well-respected websites
  • Bids can be adjusted in $0.01 increments

Outbrain is a versatile platform that gives marketers complete control over their spending.

How does our Outbrain campaign process work?

As an Outbrain marketing agency, we adhere to best practices in order to provide the best results, clicks, and impressions for brands and businesses.

Here’s a sneak peek of our process:

To begin, we recommend testing multiple contents at the same time (at least 3 - 5) to gauge audience reaction.

We also create multiple campaigns with separate targeting to continue scaling.

Our Outbrain media buying experts meticulously monitor the launched campaigns as frequently as possible to ensure that the desired results are achieved at a reasonable cost. When changes are required, we act quickly and always have a backup plan on hand.

What kinds of businesses can use Outbrain for Content Promotion?

Outbrain or native advertising isn't for everyone, but it can help you drive high-quality traffic to your website.

It is advantageous for a brand or business that can provide high-quality content that can be shared with a large audience while keeping them engaged.

businesses can use Outbrain

Frequently Asked Question

Outbrain is used for native advertisements by sharing articles, blog posts, videos, and other high-quality content to a consumer through well-respected publications like BBC, CNN, etc.
Outbrain Engage is a customizable recommendation experience to engage audiences through content types across multiple channels and categories.
Outbrain works with thousands of publications, including MSN, The Washington Post, and CNN.
Outbrain also collaborates with a number of niche websites in the entertainment, fashion, finance, technology, and other industries.
English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malay, Slovenian, Croatian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Turkish, and Greek.
Outbrain requires publishers to have a minimum of 10 million monthly visitors with US pageviews in order to apply. With as few as 3 million US visits, you could be accepted as an Outbrain publisher if you have high-quality content.
Outbrain considers a variety of factors, including contextual similarities, post popularity, and audience patterns, to determine the best links for each user.

Outbrain provides personalized recommendations for each consumer and has complete control over filtering out post links that your audience has already seen or read.
Yes. Outbrain is the most effective way to convert readers into customers. And, with over 30 targeting options, it’s very simple to reach the right audience.

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Let's get started! Could you give us a bit more information so that we can help you better?
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Let's get started! Could you give us a bit more information so that we can help you better?
Your data will be managed according to our Privacy Policy


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