Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation Tools

Every B2B lead generation activity demands two ingredients – a crystal clear and effective strategy to attract and engage prospects. And the right tools to monitor and implement your strategy for each segment or module of the lead generation campaign.

B2B lead gen tools are special-purpose software utilities developed to address different needs of the lead generation process. It’s a streamlined process to let you focus on core activities like laying out roadmaps, instead of mundane activities like manual insertion of prospect data.

Which Kinds of Lead Generation Tools are out there?

There is a wide variety of B2B lead generation software utilities to opt for. Below is a list of these tools according to their purpose and functionality:

  • Inbound lead generation tools – To help you to attract prospects to your B2B business website.
  • Outbound lead generation tools – To let you discover potential leads and communicate with them via email, cold calls, etc.
  • On-page lead generation tools – To let you gather prospects’ data from your landing pages (CRM forms).
  • CRO tools to boost conversions – Increase the conversion rate of prospects by turning them into sales-ready leads.
  • Marketing management tools – Evaluate performance matrix to improve lead generation campaigns and engage the right prospects.
  • Email lead generation software – Help you in creating lead nurture campaigns to keep your potential customers intact and push them further down the sale funnel.
  • Search marketing tools – Boost website visitors using paid and organic efforts.
  • ABM lead generation tools – To support key aspects of account-based marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Tools – Revamp and streamline social media marketing efforts

These B2B lead generation platforms allow you to implement your lead generation strategy more effectively and efficiently. Consider you’re manually pushing emails to the leads and want to automate this mundane task. You can opt for email lead generation software tools to ensure automation. Streamline workflows are a vital aspect of making any B2B lead generation approach efficient and targeted.

Best B2B Lead Generation Tools to Consider in 2022

Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

Next, let’s discuss the 25 most practical and effective B2B lead generation software utilities in 2022.

On-page Lead Generation Tools

On Page Lead Generation Tools

1. LeadPages

This remarkable tool allows you to capture leads on your website efficiently. Using LeadPages, you can design customized landing pages for the prospects in your particular niche.

You don’t have to write any code to design any page manually. It offers a range of interactive templates to opt from. You can customize the color themes, integrate your brand logo, and choose any design of your choice.

You can choose from Standard, Pro, and Advanced plans with different price variations. It also offers a 14-day free trial.

2. OptinMonster

After setting up an interactive landing page, it’s time to gather lead data via lead forms. Always remember that concise forms with minimum attribute fields are more likely to catch leads. OptinMonster offers you a user-friendly drag-n-drop interface to design different types of lead forms.

OptinMonster offers more than 100 templates to opt from, so you don’t have to design everything from scratch. The forms you design using OptinMonster are visually compelling making them perfect for engaging leads and capturing their information. You can also set up a smart segmentation and customization engine to showcase the right form.

OptinMonster does not offer a freemium or trial version, but you can have a 14 days moneyback guarantee.

3. Hello Bar

Did you ever witness a banner pop up at the top of a website with a message? It’s intended to promote a sale or any upcoming product or service. Hello Bar is one of the best lead generation tools as it catches leads’ attention and ensures conversions. Hellobar also offers instant A/B testing.

You can customize the content, CTA, and position of a bar in case you don’t want to show the bar at the top of your webpage. You can choose different layouts or positions like full-page popup, side banner, and notification window.

4. Intercom

It helps boost prospects’ interest in your products or services. It also helps in collecting feedback from your prospects. You can further use this information to set up a knowledge base. With Intercom, you can connect with your prospects using live chat on your website.

You can define rules of engagement. For instance, you can hold the messages from showing up until a prospect land on the pricing page for a set duration of time. Or if any prospect revisits your site for a certain time. Using this practical B2B lead generation tool, you can categorize your messages based on prospects’ behavior and interest.

It also assists in gathering information about leads and offers custom bots to provide instant responses to customer queries. An email follow-up utility helps you ensure continuous engagement even after the visitor left your website.

You can register for a demo version and connect with their sales representative to get a customized price structure as per your business requirements.

Inbound lead generation tools

Inbound lead generation tools

5. Everwebinar

Webinars are gaining popularity as visual content among B2B businesses, especially when it requires engaging new prospects and boosting conversion rates. Everwebinar enables you to schedule and streamlines your webinar session and lead generation process. It even allows you to display content in intervals to improve the UX.

The objective is to scale engagement by using countdown clocks. It supports almost all devices and offers HD quality. You can schedule your webinar on particular days or repeat it on particular days of the week.

6. Turnstile

If you’re hosting webinar sessions to engage with your B2B prospects without capturing their names, job titles, industry, and contact information. In the end, you will end up having no lead data at all. This is where a B2B lead generation tool like Turnstile joins the stage.

Turnstile allows you to collect information about your webinar audience once they finish watching. Or you can ask for their information at the beginning of the session. It also supports email marketing platforms like Mailchimp as well as CRMs like HubSpot.

Turnstile is available as a free tool followed by paid version.

7. HubSpot

There are different ingredients that fuel your lead generation or lead nurture campaigns. Using HubSpot, you can handle different campaigns and processes on a mutual platform. Such as, you can create and schedule blog posts for the month or quarter. It also helps in improving organic traffic by revamping your SEO campaigns.

Hubspot servers as an all-in-one lead generation tool intended for inbound marketing campaigns. The platform offers valuable insights to evaluate and revamp your inbound marketing campaigns. Some of its significant features include Keyword research, SEO, landing pages, advertisement management, conversion forms, & live chat.

It offers different pricing models as your inbound approach grows over time, making it a budget-friendly option for SMBs.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re using LinkedIn to engage your B2B leads, then this tool serves best for you. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to engage particular individuals and companies, monitor leads’ behavior, and engage them effectively.

It also offers some advanced functionalities to let you discover the most favorable leads. The platform even suggests leads based on your buyer’s persona, making it perfect for finding the right prospects within your industry. Additionally, you can use it as integration with your CRM.

It helps you in listing your leads and accounts with a range of alert notifications and valuable insights. For example, you’ll be instantly notified whenever a lead or account switches a job role or company.

It offers two subscription plans namely Sales Navigator Professional and Sales Navigator Team. You can also use it for free for up to 30 days as a trial version.

9. SlideShare

Featuring visual and interactive content is vital for brand awareness in the B2B segment. That is why SlideShare is a powerful utility to engage B2B leads effectively.

It’s a remarkable B2B lead generation tool to showcase your authority and brand image as an industry leader. You can use this tool to offer valuable content to your prospects, offer solutions to their problems, and assist them in navigating your services or products. You can also use it as a supportive utility in crafting interactive webinar sessions, videos, or blogs.

The tool integrated with LinkedIn in the early 2010s, making it ideal for featuring content for your B2B prospects, and is available as a free source.

10. Qualaroo

Comprehensive research on your target prospect is vital. What is the most effective way to collect information about your prospects than to ask them directly? Qualaroo enables you to create a seamless survey to gather information from prospects.

It appears as a pop-up on prospects’ screens when they visit your site. For example, it may appear as a small panel on the side asking different questions. You often see these mini survey forms on different websites, asking for your priority or preference such as scheduling a session, calling a sales representative, or registering for a free trial.

You can use this B2B lead generation software in several other ways, like asking for their requirements, priorities, or user experience. It’s a remarkable way to get valuable information about a prospect’s journey with your brand.

It offers a 15-days free trial as well as monthly and annual subscriptions plans with different pricing models.

ABM Lead Generation Tools

11. Drift

Connecting with your site visitors in real-time boosts engagement and conversion rate. You can incorporate this utility using Drift’s live chat software. With the growing trend of conversational marketing, Drift is becoming more relevant for lead gen experts.

Apart from letting you connect with your prospects in real-time, it also features a calendar schedule to schedule sessions or meetings with your potential customers. It also strengthens the account-based marketing approach by enabling the sales and marketing teams to work in close collaboration and synchronization. It offers customization for conversations of different niches.

Another utility offered by this tool is Drift Video to ensure conversations via visual content. In simple words, there are numerous ways to utilize this comprehensive toolset and improve your lead-gen model.

For a test module, you can request a demo followed by Pro and Advanced paid automation features.

12. Sendoso

If you’re not having a corporate gifting strategy in place, it’s time to set up one. By sending gifts to prospects, you can increase the likelihood of their conversion. It becomes easier if you acquire a tool to customize your gift.

Sendoso is a B2B tool particularly introduced to boost ABM efforts. It’s a tested and reliable strategy to engage new customers and re-engage the existing ones. It means, you can not only engage new prospects but retain the existing ones for a prolonged duration.

You ask for a demo to experience how it works and later connect with their sales representative to get a customized paid plan.

CRO Lead Generation Tools

13. Leadfeeder

Gathering lead data assists in effective decision-making for B2B lead generation. With Leadfeeder, you can extract more than usual information and insights about your prospects. You can also monitor which businesses are visiting your brand website.

Consider learning about a new industry or niche and target your prospects after a comprehensive competitor analysis. You can use your finding and implement them in your account-based marketing practices and outreach campaigns.

Leedfeeder enables this utility by integrating with Google Analytics. Once you install Leedfeeder, you’ll gain access to trends and insights into niche, company, contact info, and behavior patterns of prospects. It includes which website a prospect visit most often and the source of your website traffic.

You can register for a 2-week free version of this tool but the lead data is limited to show results of the last 3 days. Later, you can upgrade to the Premium version for full-fledged usability.

14. ActiveCampaign

A well-structured CRM is integral for nurturing and converting prospects into loyal customers. When you invest time in developing valuable connections, it boosts the potential of long-term engagement. In a few cases, prospects may even become your brand advocates and elevate your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

ActiveCampaign is a CRM platform that enables you to revamp and streamline your CRM approach.

A massive prospect’s data in a single platform makes it easier for the marketing and sales teams to work in close collaboration and synchronization with each other. It also offers pipeline management, lead follow-up, email automation, etc. The platform offers an interactive interface and its starter package is the most budget-friendly option among other B2B lead generation tools.

15. HotJar

What if you can see your website just like your prospects do. With this utility, you can acknowledge the Brightside and downside of your website as perceived by the prospects. HotJar offers you this feature.

It also enables you to run survey campaigns to know why prospects refrain from becoming a customer and further optimize your business website. The platform comes with a user-friendly interface and different pricing structures for businesses of all scales.

16. Dtanyze

If you want to boost and personalize your outbound lead generation efforts, then you require rich data about your prospects. Datazyne let you gather information about the technologies used by different businesses in your niche. So if you’re a SaaS business, it can produce fruitful outcomes in the longer run.

It also collects the contact info of prospects from their LinkedIn profiles.

For a demo, you can register for a 90 days trial version and later upgrade to its Pro version.

17. Lead Forensics

How many prospects are filling your lead forms and how many aren’t is vital to acknowledge. Especially if you’re receiving significant traffic on your website, but only get a small number of leads. It helps you revamp your website and marketing efforts to boost conversions.

Lead Forensics allows you to get insights about your prospects by leveraging their IP addresses. It helps in determining their niche, business, company, and region. By effectively capitalizing on this information, you can direct your sales team to engage the hottest leads by outbound efforts.

It will ensure better conversion rates as these prospects are already familiar with your brand.

You have to contact their representative and ask for a pricing structure based on your business requirements and scale of operations.

Social Media Marketing Tools

18. Hootsuite

Implementing an effective brand awareness campaign on social media platforms is vital today. Your prospects refrain from experiencing robotic responses from companies, making social media platforms an ideal medium to connect. But as a B2B lead generation specialist, you have a lot of alternative and vital aspects to focus on. Adding social media to the frame tends to be time-constraint activity.

To dodge this limitation, you are recommended to use B2B lead generation tools like Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media accounts using a single dashboard. It integrates with your social media accounts and lets you schedule posts for the week or months. You just have to create at least a month’s worth of social posts, schedule posting data, and forget it.

Hootsuite also features an analytic dashboard to showcase how well your social campaigns are engaging. Additionally, you can easily observe how your prospects perceive your approach by monitoring conversion rates and engagement activities like shares, comments, and likes.

It offers 30 days free version and gives you enough time to test all its utilities followed by paid plans for individuals or teams.

19. LinkedIn Helper

If you want to use a combo of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, & Slideshare, then you most likely prefer using this tool. LinkedIn Helper makes it possible to send personalized invitations to 2nd and 3rd connections.

You can set up automated responses and message sequences for your 1st connections. The process of collecting lead data can also be automated via automated profile visits. You can export your lead data as Excel or Google Sheets and use it later to target listed individuals.

You can register for a trial version for free and later choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans.

20. Quora

Sometimes, you need to engage leads from overseen mediums. Quora offers a remarkable utility to spread brand awareness and increase website visitors. Quora is known for providing a platform where you engage with people by asking questions and providing suggestions or answers to their queries.

These questions and answers are then mailed to the prospect who reveals interest in the topic. The one with the most practical answer or suggestion eventually gets more followers. By adding links in your answer, you can deviate a notable amount of traffic to your business website.

The fundamental practice is to just post and answer questions your prospects searching for.

Outbound Lead Generation Tool

21. MobileMonkey

Engaging your prospects across multiple channels or devices isn’t only fruitful for your business. It’s also preferred by your prospects. That is why omnichannel marketing is gaining popularity as one of the best B2B lead generation activities. B2B prospects prefer convenience just like B2C customers do. And one of the most effective ways to incorporate seamless engagement is by sending messages.

Smartphones are the primary medium of research for any professional, making it vital to engage leads via mobile and tablet devices. MobileMonkey’s Omnichat utility makes it easier to push SMS promotions and other marketing material to prospects. Keep in mind, not to sound like a nuisance for your prospects by spamming their inbox with your messages.

Using MobileMonkey, you can chat live with site visitors and push messages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Not all lead generation efforts are necessarily meant to be inbound. Outbound marketing must be an integral part of your lead generation strategy. You can achieve this goal by incorporating an account-based sales strategy to your lead nurture campaigns and covert SQLs into sales. For instance, you can identify ideal businesses or prospects depending on well-articulated buyer personas. is a remarkable tool when it comes to managing the whole account-based sales model. Especially if you couple it with data-analysis utilities like to get more insights and information about your prospects.

This platform features a sales dialer, email automation, task manager, and AI-based interactive reports.

To get started, you are required to request a demo and pricing model.

Email Lead Generation Software Tools

23. Mailchimp

Email lead generation software like Mailchimp is a mandatory tool for any lead generation model. Email lead generation software tools let you streamline your email marketing campaigns to boost RoI. Mailchimp is a renowned email marketing automation tool, which you can integrate with your landing pages.

Mailchimp offers more than just sending automated emails. It features its own lead forms, which you can customize with exit-intent functionality. Additionally, you can add URLs for your eBooks or case studies with sharing options to let prospects share your content with others. It’s also useful for re-engagement purposes to re-engage those individuals who are already become your customers.

Mailchimp offers different price models, including free and premium plans that you can customize as per your usability.

24. Zapier

Doing iterative and routine tasks is a mundane and time-killing activity. It can be more frustrating if you’re handling multiple SaaS tools on any particular day. Zapier enables you to attain rich control over your time and activities. It serves by integrating all your applications and ensuring streamlined functionality. The platform supports around 1,500 applications and is easy to integrate without any pre-requisite technical understanding.

You can start your journey with Zapier for free followed by monthly and annual paid plans for full-fledged functionality.

Marketing management tools

25. SEMrush

If you’re exploring a tool that can be integrated with Google Analytics, then SEMrush is the key. SEMrush is a popular SEO tool you can leverage to perform on-site audits and cross-checks. By doing so you can timely find and fix any issues with the technical aspect of your on-site SEO.

SEMrush also helps in finding the right keywords to improve organic traffic. It further assists you in monitoring and executing PPC campaigns as well social media postings.

It offers a 1-week free trial followed by monthly or annual paid plans.


You can use the above-mentioned tools to streamline and revamp your B2B lead generation efforts as per your marketing budget and business requirements. If you want to improve your lead generation efforts and significantly boost your RoI, consult ScaleYourBiz.

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