Proven Appointment Setting Scripts to Book More Appointments

The appointment setting is all about using lead data and cold calling techniques to qualify B2B leads and schedule their appointments with your sales team. Well-crafted B2B appointment setting scripts are important to make this whole process impactful and persuade your prospects to connect with your sales team.

According to research, the attention span of your potential customers is eight seconds when you are making a cold call. Therefore, an effective appointment setting script is vital to define a layout of successful lead qualification and appointment setting processes. Setting up a relevant and personalized appointment setting script based on your buyer persona and the particular prospect is intended to outline the roadmap of your conversation that leads to further conversion. It helps you stay relevant throughout the session and persuade your B2B prospects to become paying customers.

What is the appointment setting script?

A B2B appointment setting script tells a story that is destined to convert your cold audience by making the right approach, with dialogues, pitches, and characters. It involves step-by-step communication guidelines and statements that you can leverage to trigger the interest of your prospect in listening to your offer and asking for more info.

Importance of using appointment setting scripts?

A planned manuscript with all the vital points

In cold-calling, you only have a couple of minutes to convince prospects to listen to your offer. Without an impactful cold-calling appointment setting script, you are more likely to go short of this crucial time. Having a planned and well-documented cold calling script for appointment setting, helps appointment setters highlight all the vital aspects of your brand, products, or services in a concise and complete way.

Trigger Interest & Curiosity

You need to hook your potential customers throughout the conversation to ignite their interest in the conversation. By asking provocative questions, the information you acquire can help you further lead the conversation in the right direction. Similarly, you can answer their queries effectively and instantly to sound more professional and relevant. A slight delay in your response cast a negative impact on your customer as he/she deems you ill-informed or shady. A perfect appointment setting phone script includes all the relevant questions that you can ask to qualify leads as well as answers to the frequently asked questions from your prospect’s side. It helps you ensure that you remain relevant throughout the conversation.

Lead Qualification

Qualifying B2B leads over the cold calls is a bit difficult. Therefore, you need a B2B appointment setting script to design a checklist that can help you ascertain if your potential customer is the right and qualified candidate who can convert later. The best appointment setting script is crafted in such a way so as to evaluate and qualify the lead before closing the session. It helps you determine whether the candidate is worthy enough to lead to an appointment setting with your sales team or not.

Appointment setting scripts examples that work in minutes

B2B Appointment Setting Script Examples

Example 1

This appointment setting script example helps you qualify your leads before setting an appointment.


We are calling you today because it looks like your company prefers to focus more on companies for [ADD SERVICE INDUSTRY] who provide exceptional customer services. We at [YOUR BUSINESS NAME], are committed to providing the best customer experience and after-sales services to our clients. 

We’re fortunate enough to have a satisfied client-based that includes renowned organizations like [COMPANY 1] and [COMPANY 2], and [SOCIAL PROOF].

We ensure our clients experience [OUTCOMES/RESOLUTIONS like skyrocketing ROI, cost cutting, improved  CX, less time to delivery, etc.) within [DURATION] after using our products or solutions.

[CANDIDATE NAME], I would like to know more about your particular problems and how you are managing to cope using all your existing resources. 


If you want to know more about how [BUSINESS NAME|can help you [CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS or OUTCOME OF YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS], we can connect you with our support team and choose the right solution for your business.

Example 2

The below appointment setting script example will showcase to your prospect that you know about their business and coalition partners. A perfect way to start an engaging conversation.



We have noticed that you have worked with [PREVIOUS COMPANY]; Do you let us know why you left the collaboration?

We have proven experience in serving various businesses in your industry like [NAME OF CLIENTS]. We can schedule your appointment with our support team in the coming [WEAK OR DAYS] if you want to know more about [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME].

Example 3

Consider this appointment setting script example that is intended to qualify your B2B leads before setting up their appointment with your sales team.

Hello, I’m [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. We can offer you [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME] that you can use to increase your revenue by up to X percent. We have a proven experience of serving various clients in your niche and helping them improve their revenue by using our products or services.

Please, let me know the size of your [DEPARTMENT NAME LIKE MARKETING OR SALES] team?

What are the challenges that you’re facing in your [PROCESS OR WORKFLOW YOU ARE GOING TO IMPROVE WITH YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE] process?

Apart from you is there anyone else who is in the position to choose our product or service and requires a brief summary about [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME]?

What is the most convenient time for you to discuss more about [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME] in detail?

Example 4

This appointment setting script example focuses more on engaging the prospect by highlighting the benefits and use cases of your product or services.



The reason we are making this call is to inform you that we designed a tool that helps businesses in [STATE THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICES]. We have served various businesses in your industry and helped them [OUTCOMES OF YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICES].

If you are interested in [USE CASE OF YOUR SOLUTION] using [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME] we can arrange your session with our support team. What is the most convenient time for you to discuss more about [PRODUCT OR SERVICE]?


The following appointment setting script example is the perfect one in case you face rejections.

Is [DAY/DATE] the right time for you to attend a [DURATION OF SESSION IN MINUTES] session? You will never regret investing your time in knowing more about our business/solution/offer.

If the candidate negates, highlight the benefit or cruciality of your products or services in resolving their pain points. Lead them towards scheduling an appointment.

Make the last and most convincing approach like: 

“We ensure you our product or services offer the perfect solution for your existing problems. By opting out for [PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME’, you’re going to make things more difficult for business.

How to Use Appointment setting scripts to book more appointments

 B2B Appointment Setting Script Tips

Tip 1 – Focus on your objective

The first and most crucial step in setting up a B2B appointment setting script is to gear your efforts towards the right objective. While calling a prospect to set a sales appointment, your primary objective is to convince them to buy your products or services but your contemporary & urgent objective is to schedule an appointment.

In the said case, if you target your current objective of scheduling an appointment, it will significantly boost the efficacy of your appointment setting phone scripts.

Tip 2 – Confirm the availability of your our prospective customer

This is a subjective recommendation as it depends on the nature of your business, sales model, and market segment. But it can significantly boost the impact of your cold call. You can start a much better and more effective conversation by connecting with your prospects at their most convenient time.

Tip 3 – A right elevator statement

The next vital element in your cold calling appointment setting scripts is to finally push an effective elevator statement. An elevator statement is one that is intended to inform how your business, product, or services can help them resolve their pain points.

Tip 4 – Ask the right question to qualify your leads

Another crucial aspect is to add lead qualification questions in your B2B appointment setting script. It will not only help you qualify your leads for appointment setting but also lead your cold call for appointment settings in the right direction. In simple words, ask the questions to assess the potential of your leads to become a customer and close the appointment with your sales team The answers to these questions can be further used by your sales team to convert leads more effectively.

Tip 5 – Schedule the appointment

Once you ignite the interest and curiosity of your potential customer in your business and its solutions, add the relevant dialogues and statements to schedule an appointment. The way you end your cold call for appointment setting cast a significant impact on the sales conversion process. Therefore, adding the right strategy to close your cold call is vital for the success of your lead generation process.

Also, read about the Difference Between Lead Generation and Appointment Setting and what’s best for your business.

Tip 6 – Outsource appointment setting service 

All these tips sound very simple but it requires an in-depth understanding of customer psychology and rich experience to craft a perfect B2B appointment setting script. If you find it difficult to find the right talent and lack enough experience to design an effective appointment setting script, outsource appointment setting services. Appointment setting services like ScaleYourBiz help you generate qualified leads and spare your sales team from appointment setting to focus on the core sales process.


The aforementioned examples and best practices to set up an effective appointment setting script can help you qualify your leads and design a perfect roadmap to engage your prospects. If you want to create an effective appointment setting strategy and develop the right script for cold calling appointment setting, contact ScaleYourBiz.

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